Visitors to GF Machining Solutions’ EMO Hannover 2017 stand will experience the unbeatable quality and productivity the Mikron MILL S brings to mold and die

19-sep-2017 12:44

Manufacturers looking for high accuracy tools, highly repeatable multi-cavity molds and polishing-free surface quality need look no further than GF Machining Solutions’ Mikron MILL S series. The high-speed Milling (HSM) MILL S 400 U will be part of this GF Division’s presence (Hall 27, Stand B24) at EMO Hannover 2017, September 18–23, in Hannover, Germany.

As the culmination of GF Machining Solutions’ 20 years of continuously pioneering HSM development, the MILL S series brings together all those benefits and more to make it the reference solution for mold-and-die production. The series includes six machines: the Mikron MILL S 400, the Mikron MILL S 400 U, the Mikron MILL S 500, the Mikron MILL S 600, the Mikron MILL S 600 U and the Mikron MILL S 800. On GF Machining Solutions’ booth, Mikron MILL S solutions will be part of two interactive manufacturing process flows: information and communications technology (ICT) with 3D glass forming, and packaging.

Across a variety of market segments, including automotive, information and communications technology, the three- and five-axis solutions in the Mikron MILL S series lead precision chip removal into a new era. Each machine adheres to the specified tool path even under high feed rates to yield the quality customers expect on both concave and convex surfaces. For many customers the Milling texture—or, to be more exact, the lack of it—on a workpiece is a primary performance characteristic of a Mikron machine. The Mikron MILL S series does not disappoint.

In addition to ensuring production of high accuracy tools, highly repeatable multi-cavity molds and perfect surface quality, this series delivers another big plus: unbeatable productivity, thanks to its machining dynamics and integrated Automation.

Enhanced process reliability

Customers can count on the Mikron MILL S series with its Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI control for absolute process reliability, due to its sophisticated thermal management system. And—as ambient workshop temperatures fluctuate and machining speed changes—process stability is maintained, due to the Mikron MILL S machines’ intelligent thermal management system and thermostabilized body. Precision is ensured by independent cooling circuits for the machine body and all heat sources, including X, Y, Z, B and C drives as well as Spindles with OptiCool or CoolCore technologies and electronics cabinet. Ambient Robust temperature control system guarantees consistent quality by minimizing movement and torsion to reduce tool center drift by up to 45 percent.

Further ramping up users’ mold production is an array of sophisticated smart machine modules. GF Machining Solutions’ smart machine modules’ comprehensive operator and machine communication capabilities help mold makers attain consistently superior results. Each smart machine modules fulfills a specific task to help users’ improve their success and get a foothold in modern production. For example: Econowatt allows the machine to warm up while saving time and energy, so moldmakers start the machining process with highest accuracy right from the beginning. By starting the Milling process with the required precision—due to a perfect combination of machine calibration and mechanical prerequisites—users are ideally positioned to meet their customers’ expectations.

Operator Support System (OSS extended available for the HSM solutions and OSS extreme available for the MILL S range) ensures extremely short cycle times and higher productivity, as well as greater precision and surface finish. The smoother movement delivered by OSS extreme optimizes moldmakers’ processes according to their priority, whether their focus is on time, accuracy or better surface quality, and the higher overall feed rate reduces production time. The result: up to 30 percent shorter machining time.

Accuracy and precision are further enhanced by these machines’ superior damping characteristics due to a mineral cast machine base. Perfect machine design meeting the highest mechanical requirements is the foundation for high-precision machining.

Maximum precision and best workpiece surface quality are further supported by these machines’ direct linear and rotary drives for the most dynamic process. Highly dynamic drives and ingenious software are essential prerequisites for utmost precision and surface quality, and the Mikron MILL S series delivers.

Uncompromising productivity is another important pillar of process stability, and available integrated or third-party Automation ensures the smallest footprint to boost customers’ productivity per square meter. Thanks to a standardized robot interface, the machines in this series can be linked to System 3R robot systems or operated with robot systems from other well-known suppliers. Whatever the chosen handling system, and with or without Automation, these machines boast comfortable accessibility when integrated into the customer’s production line.

Customers can further bolster process stability of their GF Machining Solutions machines with Customer Services’ rConnect Live Remote Assistance (LRA). The module delivers highly secure, direct, customer-authorized, real-time remote assistance by connecting customers with their local diagnostics center and GF Machining Solutions’ Technical Units. With LRA, Customer Services can inspect the customer’s machine tool remotely, with diagnostics carried out by the customer’s technician or GF Machining Solutions expert.

Customers can machine in confidence that efficient chip management is engineered into the Mikron MILL S series. Chip form and volume are determined by the machined material as well as the processing strategy. From a coolant tank with chip flushing to models with cooling oil and coolant temperature stabilization, GF Machining Solutions has an answer for each customer’s particular chip management need. Mist and dust management systems are also  available.

Furthermore, GF Machining Solutions’ own Step-Tec Spindle development and manufacturing delivers even more value to customers’ Milling operations. Step-Tec’s OptiCool Spindle series ensures not only Spindle thermostability, but also limits the natural heat transfer to the Spindle support (e.g. the Z axis) to lowest amount possible in order to preserve the machine’s geometry. Also available is the CoolCore Spindle, which goes beyond the limitations of conventional stator cooling to lower the temperature and minimize temperature fluctuations in the water-cooled rotating shaft.

With this broad array of benefits, the Mikron MILL S range demonstrates GF Machining Solutions’ commitment to pioneering HSM technology to resolve customers’ most pressing challenges.

mikron-mill-s-400-uAs the culmination of GF Machining Solutions’ 20 years of continuously pioneering HSM development, the Mikron MILL S series brings together all those benefits and more, to make it the reference solution for mold-and-die production.

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