AgieCharmilles CUT E 350

The AgieCharmilles CUT E 350/AgieCharmilles CUT E 600 range puts efficiency at the touch of your finger with a smart, easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI) and onboard technologies that streamline your job setup, improve your cutting speed, improve your surface finish, protect your valuable workpieces, and ensure your process robustness.

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X, Y, Z travel
350 x 250 x 250 mm
13.78 x 9.843 x 9.843 in
Working range
U, V travel
± 45mm
± 1.772 in
Taper angle_height
30°/56 °/mm
30°/2.2 ° / in
Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H)
820 x 680 x 250mm
32.283 x 26.772 x 9.843 in
Max. workpiece weight
881.84 lb
Wire circuit
Available wire diameters (Standard)
0.15 – 0.30mm
0.006 – 0.012 in
Permissible weights and types of spools (ISO)
8, 25kg
17.64, 55.12 lb

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Key Points

  • Compact layout
  • Drop door
  • Powerful job management
  • Efficient workpiece preparation
  • Speed dedicated process
  • Integrated Collision Protection (ICP) saves you money
  • Thermocut for easy operation

Power your performance

CUT E 350 - CUT E 600 Applications
Power your performance

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