AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 OilTech

The machining precision is the result of a set of technical choices, such as the mechanical concept, the machining process, and wire guidance. Each element composing the AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 OilTech has been thought through and implemented in the smallest details, with the sole objective of ensuring high precision for the entire lifetime of the machine.

Great flexibility in the choice of wire diameter


One system of wire guides permits the use of all wire diameters from 0.05 to 0.30 mm (0.002 – 0.012 in). This exclusive AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 OilTech characteristic is not due to chance. The concept of all components involved in the movement of the wire is based on the long experience of GF Machining Solutions engineers in the service of high precision and flexibility of use. No additional cost is incurred when another wire diameter is necessary for manufacturing a new tool. Use of another wire diameter does not require any additional adjustment.

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Key Points

  • Perfect surface quality with no discoloration due to oxidation
  • Machines finest details with maximum precision
  • Generous travel enables long machining times
  • Automatic Wire Changer available
  • Perfect for a wide range of high-precision applications


X, Y, Z travel
350 x 250 x 256mm
13.78 x 9.843 x 10.079 in
Working range
U, V travel
± 70mm
± 2.756 in
Taper angle_height
30 / 100°/mm
30 / 3.94 ° / in
Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H)
750 x 550 x 250mm
29.528 x 21.654 x 9.843 in
Max. workpiece weight
440.92 lb
Wire circuit
Available wire diameters (Standard)
0.10 – 0.30mm
0.004 – 0.012 in
Permissible weights and types of spools (ISO)
55.12 lb

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