Mikron VCE 1000 Pro

The outstanding feature of Mikron machining centers is their exception alergonomics. What is impressive about the Mikron VCE Pro is its unrivalled accessibility, which is not dependent on the machine's configuration.

Ideal machines for increased machining demand

Milling - Standard machining centers - VCE 1000 Pro

For a large range of applications the new Mikron VCE Pro-Range is the machine to be chosen. Whether 2½D or 3D application, the machine won't let you down.

The standard machine has a performance, which fulfills most of the customers' demands. With additional options the machine can be customized.

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Key Points

  • Highly reliable and versatile solution
  • Quick to set up and easy to control
  • Wide range of configurations and retrofittable options to accomodate with requirements


Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z
1020 x 560 x 600 mm
40.157 x 22.047 x 23.622 in
Working Spindle (40% ED, S6)
10000 (ISO/BT40) / 18.5 / 149 rpm / kW / Nm
10000 (ISO/BT40) / 18.5 / 149 rpm / kW / Nm
Rapid traverse X, Y
40 m / min
40 m / min
Rapide traverse Z
40 m / min
40 m / min
Clamping surface / Max. load
1000x560 / 1350 mm / kg
1000x560 / 1350 mm / kg
Tool magazine
24/40/60 (ISO/BT-40) piece
24/40/60 (ISO/BT-40) piece
Control unit - Heidenhain
iTNC 620
iTNC 620



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