Awards - Mikron hsm 400u


MM Award for innovation, MaschinenMarkt magazine, EMO Hannover 2005: Agietron Micro-Nano die-sinking EDM


Golden Micron (Micron d’or) award for technological innovation (accuracy, technical functionality, ergonomics and ease of use), Micronora 2004, Besancon, France: ROBOFIL 2050 TW wire-cutting EDM machine.

High-Speed Machining Award 2004, Science Directorate of Darmstadt Technical University (Germany) and PROFACTOR production research company (Austria): MIKRON XSM 400U high-speed Milling center.

No. 1 for communication, Bilanz magazine rankings of information policies of 100 Swiss companies: internet presence, importance of communication, and media information for 2003


European High Speed Machining Award 2002: MIKRON HSM 400U

Metal Working Production (MWP) Award: MIKRON HSM 400U

Metal Working Production Award, SUBCON Award, MACH 2002, Birmingham (UK): MIKRON HSM 400U, best machine for metal removing


Innovation Award for Industrial Logistics, Swiss Logistics Association: Losone site recognized for implementation of just-in-time processes and clearly structured materials flow.

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