GF AgieCharmilles’ advanced preventive services keeping your machine fleet fit for success

2013/09/25 9:09

GF AgieCharmilles Customer Services has introduced five new advanced preventive services aimed at helping customers extend the lifetime of their Milling, EDM and Laser machines in optimally condition.

Helping customers maintain the production quality and profitability at the highest levels is a core competence of GF AgieCharmilles Customer Services. The Group’s advanced preventive services help customers anticipate deficiency, prepare for increased needs for extremely precise production and to respond to changes in their work shop environment, like installa­tion of air conditioning or collisions.

1. Onsite spindle services

press-release-emoOnsite spindle services keep the spindle accurate and operating at high performance.

The spindle is a key Milling machine element. To keep the spindle accurate and guarantee its high performance, regular maintenance and efficiency analysis are crucial. Spindle be­havior is linked to events like collisions or excessive vibrations. GF Agie-Charmilles’ vibra­tion monitoring system controls vibrations in real time. Going even further, operating parameters like motor and bearing temperatures and crash events throughout the entire life cycle are monitored and recorded in a report. Through the analysis of this report it is possi­ble to draw conclusions about the causes of some machining failures or unsatisfactory sur­face finishing results. In addition, it is possible to optimize the machine process and receive recommendations to extend tool and spindle lifetime.

2. Nadcap accreditation support

press-release-emo2Nadcap accreditation support: a service package designed to support customers during the accreditation process.

The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) requires periodic checks of machines, mastery of processes, and training curriculum for certified operators. GF AgieCharmilles has designed a suitable service package to support customers during the accreditation process. According to Nadcap specifications, perfectly repeatable EDM machining results require perfect mastery of the electric discharge machining (EDM) spark. GF AgieCharmilles’ experts measure and document the spark shape which is essen­tial to guarantee the repeatability of the machine’s performance. In addition, dedicated training for operators and maintenance solutions is offered.

3. Calibration by laser interferometer

press-release-emo3Calibration by laser interferometer guarantees maximal axis accuracy.

Widely regarded as the best guarantee to ensure that Milling, EDM and Laser texturing machines perform with absolute accuracy, calibration by laser interferometer is conducted according to VDI 3441/ISO 230-2 specifications.

The calibration guarantees that machining runs with absolute accuracy and yields the greatest respect for tolerances in parts produc­tion. As part of the service, an expert GF Agie-Charmilles technician checks the linear posi­tioning of the axes of the machine. If necessary, deviations are corrected by modifying the axis correction tables.

4. Geometrical control

press-release-emo4Geometrical control prevents wear on machine components.

Perfectly repeatable machining results require a perfectly accurate starting point: flatness, squareness and parallelism. Even the slightest deviation can threaten the integrity of your machining process and result in wear on machine tool components like guides and ball screws. The geometrical control is conducted according to ISO 230-1 specifications, with an expert service engineer using regularly calibrated tools to measure the precision geome-tries essential to the performance of GF AgieCharmilles Milling, EDM and Laser machines.

Following the geometrical control, the service engineer provides you with a detailed report of the test results and expert recommendations for optimizing geometrical precision of your equipment. The service is recommended in the case of certain events like a collision or a machine that has been moved, or as certification support to prevent unexpected wear and maintain machines in optimal condition.

5. Circularity test with ballbar gauge

press-release-emo5The circularity test with ballbar gauge rapidly diagnoses machine performance.

This test to rapidly diagnose machine performance is easy and efficient. The aim of ballbar testing is to compare the effective circle path performed by the machine with the program-med circle path. In theory, if the machine behaves perfectly in terms of positioning perform­ance, both circles should match exactly. But in practice, many facts—like machine geometry, control system, or wear on various components—can create deviations of the radius of the test circle. A simple comparison of both circles validates the machine accuracy. When devia­tions are detected, recommendations for precision recovery (e.g., geometrical control, cali­bration by laser, exchange of components) are provided. The test is recommended each time you want to quickly check positioning performance of a machine, on an annual basis, or in case of a particular event like an upcoming special pro­duction or after the machine has been moved). Following the test, reports are issued; they can be customized and have various formats according to international standards like ISO 230-4 or ASME B5-54.

A continuum of Customer Services

The five new advanced preventive services are part of GF AgieCharmilles Customer Services’ Machine Support, which also includes original spare parts and technical support. Other lev­els of Customer Services are Operations Support, with a wide range of certified consum­ables and original wear parts to ensure that your equipment operates at peak precision and per­formance, and Business Support, with individual solutions to drive your operational excel­lence: feasibility studies and test cuts, customer training, Automation, upgrades, options and accessories, and application support.


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