GF Machining Solutions’ System 3R TRANSFORMER delivers extreme flexibility and grows with your needs

2014/04/22 11:42

GF Machining Solutions’ System 3R TRANSFORMER Automation is engineered to grow in line with your business needs and - ultimately - ensure a greater return on your capital equipment investment.

Extreme flexibility in service of your needs is the heart and soul of the TRANSFORMER, a scalable Automation system based on standardized modules. The TRANSFORMER allows you to begin with one or two machines and later add machines and magazine capacity, to finally extend the Automation to include up to 12 machines in a single cell.

The machines in a TRANSFORMER cell can be of the same make and type, or the cell can just as easily incorporate different machining technologies and come from different manufacturers. Open architecture is one of the system’s clear advantages. You select the machine or machines that best meet your specific manufacturing requirements and the TRANSFORMER - custom configured for your specific needs - complements that choice. Flexibility and productivity remain in constant focus, whatever your choice.

The Automation system handles workpieces and/or electrodes that are mounted on pallets (i.e., based on a reference system, more commonly known as tooling). System 3R offers a wide range of tooling systems that provide solutions to palletize work-pieces from small to large or in combination of different systems in the same Automation cell by using chuck adapters. In addition, the TRANSFORMER can handle different tooling systems, so it can be configured even if you already have a tooling system in place in your workshop. Customer-specific solutions are a key ingredient of this system.

Making the TRANSFORMER even more flexible are the additional in-process accessories that can be integrated into a cell:

  • Multiple loading station that can be used without stopping production,
  • A draining station for emptying workpiece cavities after machining,
  • A washing machine for cleaning your workpieces,
  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) integration for pre-setting and/or parts inspection.

The TRANSFORMER also offers user-friendly cell management software to guarantee consistency. All production data is entered in a structured manner or imported through a data exchange interface for major enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and the System 3R CellManager handles everything in the cell, from automatically loading the jobs into the machines to recording the machining time of each job.

The core of the system is an efficient database that uses chip identification of the pallets to ensure that the correct data is used for the correct parts. Customers can count on the System 3R TRANSFORMER to stay ahead of the competition and transform their business from tool making to tool production.

Page 4-1 single machine small magazine capacityBegin with one a single machine and small magazine capacity.
Sid 4-2 transformer on railsPlace the TRANSFORMER on rails and add magazine capacity to serve additional machines, or start with a similar solution from the beginning.
Page 4-2 second machine rotary magazine more capacityAdd a second machine and a rotary magazine for more capacity.
SID 5-2 extended rails more machines and capacitiesExtend the rails for even more magazine capacity and more machines.

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