Mikron MILL S / HSM グラファイト: ガラス製品とグラファイト電極に特化したソリューション

2018/06/29 7:00

The information and communications technology (ICT) and automotive sectors requiring graphite molds for glass end products and graphite electrodes present distinct challenges in terms of surface finish, precision, process reliability and productivity. GF Machining Solutions’ high-speed Mikron MILL S 400/500 GRAPHITE and Mikron HSM 500 GRAPHITE are dedicated specifically to graphite machining, helping users master precision over time and meet their customers’ expectations for flawless surface quality.

Graphite glass molds for glass end products are especially common in markets such as ICT while graphite electrodes are typically demanded by the automotive, electronic components, aerospace and packaging sectors. The Mikron MILL S 400/500 GRAPHITE and HSM 500 GRAPHITE build on GF Machining Solutions’ high-speed Milling (HSM) legacy by addressing the very challenges manufacturers grapple with daily. By answering users’ needs for greater surface quality and precision, they reduce costs, extend flexibility and unleash cost effectiveness. And, thanks to GF Machining Solutions’ genuine HSM technology and high-quality key components, these dedicated solutions deliver unparalleled process dynamics: 100 percent of the resulting machine performance is transferred to the machined graphite mold or electrode.