AgieCharmilles CUT P 550 Pro: GF Machining Solutions’ EMO Hannover 2019 guests to get a peek at a groundbreaking EDM interface

2019/09/17 16:21

The future is unfolding at high speed and GF Machining Solutions—ever connected to manufacturers’ needs—is on the front lines of innovation. EMO Hannover 2019, September 16─21 in Hannover, Germany, is the place to get an exclusive first look at the GF Division's new AgieCharmilles CUT P 550 Pro wire-cutting Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) solution with a groundbreaking and superbly easy-to-use new interface.

As the fourth industrial revolution—or Industry 4.0—reshapes the way manufacturers work, GF Machining Solutions is at the forefront with solutions to advance their flexibility, productivity, speed and quality. The CUT P 550 Pro with the new human-machine interface (HMI) is to be officially launched in mid-2020, but EMO Hannover 2019 visitors to Hall 27, Stand B26 will be treated to an exclusive preview of how the intuitive, easy-to-use HMI interface brings a new level of flexibility to machine programming.

An unprecedented advance

Whether the machine operator is used to working with the Vision interface or is a high-level job customer accustomed to ISO programming, the object-oriented HMI represents an unprecedented alternative enabling highest productivity:

  • The user-friendly interface is easy for the operator to handle and features attractive and easy-to-understand graphics to guide the way to machining success.
  • It offers high flexibility, simplifying such tasks as stopping the machine, changing machining strategy or changing a part.
  • Processes become logical with intuitive onscreen icons at the touch of the finger.
  • Its ease of use ensures a low learning curve, so it’s easy for novices, seasoned Vision users or veteran ISO code programs alike to use.

Spark Track: pushing the limits of wire EDM

In addition to the new HMI, the CUT P 550 Pro at EMO Hannover 2019 will feature GF Machining Solutions’ new Spark Track technology, a wire-cutting EDM breakthrough in monitoring spark distribution along the wire. Spark Track technology, with its state-of-the-art Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS) module, makes the wire EDM process more secure, efficient and easy to execute. The smartest system on the market, ISPS allows users to avoid any wire breakage—regardless of machining conditions—while enabling increased performance.

agiecharmilles-cut-p-550-proHigh flexibility and ease of use are just two of the success-triggering benefits delivered by the new HMI of GF Machining Solutions’ new AgieCharmilles CUT P 550 Pro. EMO Hannover 2019 visitors will get a first look at the user friendliness and high flexibility made possible by the new HMI.

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