GF Machining Solutions and EOS introduce new Additive Manufacturing Tooling Solution

2015. 10. 5 오후 7:00

GF Machining Solutions, trend leader in providing innovative solutions, introduces the AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling in collaboration with Additive Manufacturing leader EOS. The powder bed-based Additive Manufacturing machine, which is based on the well proven EOS M 290 metal laser sintering system, will be the core of an overall Tooling manufacturing solution aimed at further improving efficiency in the mold and die process. The AM S 290 Tooling will be presented at EMO Milano 2015.

agiecharmilles-am-s-290The new AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling Additive Manufacturing machine, aimed at further improving efficiency in the mold and die process, will be presented at EMO Milano 2015.

GF Machining Solutions, a Division of Swiss-based industrial company Georg Fischer (GF), is a global manufacturing technology leader and one-stop manufacturing solutions shop with a broad portfolio including Milling, wire-cutting and die-sinking EDM, Laser texturing and Automation. EOS is the global technology and market leader for high-end Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions.

GF Machining Solutions and EOS focus on the mold and die sector, where Additive Manu-facturing makes it possible to produce metal mold inserts featuring thermal exchange close to the surface to ensure and control, in optimal way, temperature homogeneity for shorter throughput time and a higher part quality.

Based on proven and successful EOS technology, the new AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling Solution is intended to address the mold and die industry’s need to produce innovative mold inserts with Additive Manufacturing.GF and EOS will undertake the integration of the Additive Manufacturing machines into the production process of mold inserts, including the necessary software and automation link with downstream machine-tools and measuring devices.

The aim of the collaboration is to provide both, the best machine and the expertise needed to assist implementation of Additive Manufacturing in mold and die. The new solution and the expertise behind it ensure unlimited freedom of design (e.g. conformal cooling & heating channels) resulting in shorter cycle times, greater productivity, higher plastic product quality and lower energy consumption.

The AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling is supported by a continuum of GF Machining Solutions Customer Services:

• Operations Support
covers the full range of original wear parts and certified consumables to ensure that customers’ machines are performing at the highest levels.

• Machine Support maximizes, through GF Machining Solutions’ best-in-class technical support, preventive maintenance services and quality wear parts, machine tool uptime.

• Business Support is more strategic, in scope and scale, and is designed to help customers to make a real step-change in terms of productivity and performance.



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