GF Machining Solutions’ new Milling and Turning machine combines best of two processes in one solution

2015. 10. 6 오후 5:00

GF Machining Solutions today expands its already broad technology portfolio to include Milling and Turning in one compact machine. The Swiss-made Mikron MILL P 800 U ST (Simultan Turning) delivers efficiency, best material/tooling price ratio, a small footprint, and productivity-enhancing Automation solutions.

Mikron-MILL-800-P-STGF Machining Solutions introduces the MILL P 800 U ST, integrating Milling and Turning capabilities in a single, compact solution.

GF Machining Solutions developed the MILL P 800 U ST with its gantry-type concept in direct response to the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises serving the general mechanic, automotive, aerospace and energy sectors. The MILL P 800 U ST’s compact 3.5 m x 3.0 m footprint makes it easy to integrate into an existing workshop, replacing two machines and delivering more productivity per square meter.

Combined mill and turn technology in the same machine is especially attractive in small to medium series within the aerospace, automotive and fluid conducting industries, down to single parts for machinery and tooling manufacturing applications. For example, aircraft compressor housings can easily be roughed with Turning, and intricate flange connections

on the outer side of the housing can only be achieved by Milling. By combining the two essential technologies in one solution, the MILL P 800 U ST helps customers achieve best material removal rate in view of the price for Turning tools. That is because Turning tools—namely insert plates—are relatively inexpensive, so customers enjoy perfect roundness of the workpiece, best surface quality and a high material removal rate, all with a single machine.

At the same time, MILL P 800 U ST users save machine setup and processing time, because setup take place just once, and time-consuming clamping and unclamping to move a work piece between Turning and Milling machines are eliminated. That means related part run out errors are also eliminated and finished part quality is appreciably improved.

In addition, this machine is capable of four-axis simultaneous Turning—a capability often required by customers who want to have the cutting tool at a 90-degree angle to the work-piece surface in order to avoid tool shape errors on the workpiece. No gantry machines with integrated pallet changer on the market can meet such requirements. With the gantry concept, the workpiece on the 800 x 800 mm table is fully accessible without rotating the table. Conse-quently, surface errors related to table rotation are eliminated and hand polishing is avoided. Likewise, the MILL P 800 U ST has its tool changer at the side, so the table is never moved during the tool changing process, and machining accuracy is maintained.

Adding security to the machining process is the unique Machine and Spindle Protection (MSP) which protects the machine and Spindle against crashes during setup or Milling operations. The MSP technology delivers considerable added value for customers by eliminating Spindle damage, misaligned machine geometry, machine downtime, and related costs in case of unwanted and unexpected Spindle crashes.

The solution is Automation ready and can be equipped with pallet changers for two, seven, nine or twelve pallets with a GF Machining Solutions pallet automation system. It can also be easily connected to other automation systems, as well as System 3R handling systems. The MILL P 800 U ST equipped with pallet automation produces more parts in a shorter time day in, day out. 



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