Powerful solutions: Liechti Engineering AG celebrates its 150th anniversary in September

2015. 9. 3 오전 8:00

GF Machining Solutions’ Langnau, Switzerland-based Liechti Engineering AG celebrates its 150-year anniversary in September 2015. Established in 1865 as a farm equipment manufacturer, Liechti Engineering today is a global leader in the production of airfoil machining solutions for the aerospace and power generation industries.

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Behind Liechti Engineering’s legacy of delivering powerful solutions for the past 150 years has been a single aim: the production of high-quality machines to increase customers’ efficiency. That legacy has spanned a wide range of success-triggering innovations.

In 1983, the family business began specializing in single and multi-spindle milling machines for high-speed cutting of complex curved surfaces such as turbine blades and impellers. Four years later in 1987, Liechti Engineering presented Turbosoft plus, its own computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programming system—still in use today—for five-axis airfoil manufac-turing. In 1994, the company introduced its Turbomill, the first five-axis Milling machining center for medium-sized turbine components.

Another key success was achieved in 1997 with the launch of the Turboblisk, based on a unique machine concept for highly dynamic five- and six-axis machining. In response to market developments, Liechti Engineering launched in 2002 its g-Mill, enormously extending the range of applications and further ramping up customers’ productivity. In 2008, the company introduced the first Turbomill with g-technology, again demonstrating its deep capacity for innovation.

The year 2014 marked two more milestones in the company’s history: its merger with GF Machining Solutions, and a USD $30 million machine order—the largest ever in Liechti’s history.

Unparalleled expertise

Today, with unparalleled expertise in single- and multi-spindle milling machines for high-speed cutting of complex curved surfaces, Liechti Engineering and its 120 employees worldwide live a vision of being the performance-leading solution provider in airfoil machining and acting as a dependable partner to customers during evaluation, start-up and production.

A prime example of the added value Liechti Engineering can be found in the productivity gains of more than 30 percent enjoyed by its aerospace and power generation customers, thanks to reduced machining times. Those machining times are enabled by specific profile machining technology and specialized CAM software pioneered by Liechti Engineering.

That high performance is based on the company’s engineering competence in full five- and six-axis ultra-dynamic machining in titanium, Inconel, titanium aluminide, and high-alloy steels.

Liechti Engineering’s airfoil machining systems play a key role in helping aerospace and power generation customers outperform their competitors and maintain consistently high productivity and superb quality, integrity and accuracy in their machining operations. It is no surprise that Liechti today is a partner of choice to such luminaries as General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Safran-Snecma, Siemens, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems and Sulzer.



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