Reichle expands its capacity for laser texturing with technology from GF Machining Solutions

2016. 1. 25 오후 4:19

Gravier- und Laserschweisszentrum Reichle GmbH, based in Bissingen/ Teck, in Germany, has made a further investment in laser technology from GF Machining Solutions.

AgieCharmilles LASER 4000 5AxAgieCharmilles LASER 4000 5Ax

With the purchase of an AgieCharmilles LASER 4000, currently the largest laser-texturing machine in the world, Reichle can process even XXL-format components from the automotive and aerospace sector.

Laser texturing is an advanced technology in the area of surface graining and structuring. Experts are already talking of a revolution, as the process opens up unprecedented possibilities in the areas of design and functionality. With this technology, surface graining in molds can be designed and produced fully digitally in a straightforward and reproducible manner worldwide.

In the meantime Reichle has a total of four AgieCharmilles LASERs with axis travels from 1,000 to 4,000 mm and workpiece weights of up to 32 metric tonnes, and is therefore able to texture the entire spectrum of components. Reichle won the "Baden-Württemberg Award for Competence in Innovation and Quality 2015", among other awards, with the manufacture of innovative laser surfaces.

The family business has become a leading service provider in the area of graining and its repair with this modern laser technology. The reasons for the partnership with GF Machining Solutions are the high reliability and availability of the AgieCharmilles LASER machines, their intelligent software, as well as competent, co-operative collaboration and support.

Complex surfaces can be straightforwardly and reproducibly designed using laser texturingComplex surfaces can be straightforwardly and reproducibly designed using laser texturing
Laser textured embossing rollerLaser textured embossing roller

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