DMP Factory 500
Discover our game-changer for the AM world

GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems, the leading global provider of additive manufacturing solutions and pioneer of 3D printing, have partnered to introduce new metal 3D printing solutions that empower manufacturers to develop their own dedicated Additive Manufacturing (AM) factories. Our new system offers manufacturers in high-tech segments, increased productivity, part quality and process safety. It also significantly reduces total cost of operation and facilitating seamless integration of metal AM technology into the entire manufacturing chain.

Large 3D printed Aero part

Higher quality large parts

  • Intelligent seamless scanning via unique 3DXpert enabled print strategies
  • Thoroughly developed and tested material databases
  • Consistent, low O₂ environment
  • High precision laser quality control and in-line verification capabilities
  • DMP Monitoring for informed decisions on product quality

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • High printer utilization
  • Optimized productivity of 3 High Precision Lasers  
  • Powder traceability & control
  • High powder recyclability
  • Fast bidirectional recoating

Simplified process workflows

  • CAD-based build setup with 3DXpert
  • Integrated printer zero point System 3R clamping system 
  • Modular design enables full automation

Scale in a Factory Environment

  • Optimize module mix to meet production requirements and optimize individual equipment OEE’s
  • Enable parallel workflows
  • Full powder management and containment
  • Highest safety standards for the equipment
  • Smooth data connectivity with all major ERP systems


Laser sources
Building envelope size

Laser sources

Build envelope size

O₂ level in the build chamber
Our new offer

O₂ level in the build chamber

Our new offer

Seamless large part
3D printed fuel nozzles


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