Raise your brand’s visibility

Increase your brand visibility on final products with this customized solution for tire sidewall molds. In parallel, achieve 100 percent repeatability because this solution uses no cutting tools. Take your repeatability to the highest level.


A versatile solution

Achieve the flexibility you need with a machine that easily engraves everything from bicycle to truck tire molds with the same accuracy and repeatability. Increase your productivity thanks to the 100 watt Laser source package.

Unique tire dedicated solution

Do not change the way you work, with our dedicated tire software module you import a .dxf file to execute your Laser operations.




Main specifications
Focal length
160/254 mm
6.299/10.0 in
Machine dimension (width x depth x height)
2240 x 2605 x 2845 mm
88.189 x 102.559 x 112.008 in
X, Y, Z travel
1200 x 900 x 1200 mm
47.244 x 35.433 x 47.244 in
B axis table diameter
800 mm
31.496 in
Max. workpiece diameter
Ø 1700mm
Ø 66.929 in
Maximum workpiece weight 3Ax 5Ax
1700 kg
3747.82 lb
Ytterbium fiber laser
50 W
50 W



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