A powerful combination: FORM 200 with RTC

25-sep-2013 16:16

With the introduction of the rotary tool changer (RTC) as a running time booster to its die-sinking EDM products, GF AgieCharmilles once again underscores its reputation for developing customer-centric solutions. In combination with GF AgieCharmilles’ FORM 200 die-sinking EDM machine, the RTC has a large tool changing capacity: from 16 to 160 tools depending of the tooling configuration.

New dimensions in versatility

FORM 200 RTCThe new FORM 200 with rotary tool changer (RTC) offers superior flexibility and autonomy.

The FORM 200, like the FORM 300 and FORM 400, further demonstrates GF AgieCharmilles’ commitment to helping customers achieve more success in fast-growing industrial areas including automotive, home appliances and aerospace where it is essential to machine a high number of electrodes  with high quality and superior efficiency. The compact RTC brings a new dimension of value to the already impressive FORM 200 by managing tool changing and the data around those processes.

Like all machines in GF AgieCharmilles’ FORM range, the FORM 200 features the new and ergonomic AC FORM HMI for a new level of logic, speed and safety. Developed on the basis of a study with numerous customers to streamline the mold making process, AC FORM HMI is organized on one menu level where all icons are arranged logically and in chronological order of use, and dynamic contextual help is always just a click away.

Featuring easy setup, a smart module to enhance machining efficiency and reduce unpro-ductive time, a high-power generator, and built-in technology to eliminate electrode wear, the FORM 200 delivers versatility, reliability and ease of use.

Moreover, the FORM 200 has onboard intelligence that makes it easy for less experienced machinists to achieve expert results with very little training. Elimination of a steep learning curve means novice machinists can operate the FORM 200, and expert machinists can be allocated to more demanding tasks.

Generator and intelligence for best results

GF AgieCharmilles’ own high-end, Intelligent Power Generator (IPG)—one of the world’s most powerful generators for die-sinking EDM—is at the heart of the FORM 200. With inte-grated quality-enhancing and cost-saving intelligence, TECFORM ensures that the EDM process is continuously optimized with each pulse to significantly reduce electrode wear or even reach the finest finishes.

The embedded TECFORM module allows the FORM 200 to quickly and safely achieve the best performance and produce the desired result. Segment-dedicated technology eliminates the need for the operator to adjust the generator’s parameters.

Process control takes a fraction of a second and produces an extremely homogeneous sur-face finish. In combination, these features yield greater reliability, improved machining efficiency and significantly less unproductive time.

The FORM 200  boasts problem-free work insertion via its “Piece Insert” command, allowing urgent commands to be executed in the middle of an current job by recording the current maching situation, inserting the urgent work, then resuming the previous job at the same location where it was interrupted—with no need to modify or add data recording.

Standard on the FORM 200 is GF AgieCharmilles iQ (innovation + Quality) technology which dramatically reduces, and in some cases completely eliminates, electrode wear. This is an advantage especially valuable in the aerospace and power generation industries where gra-phite electrodes often play a central role. GF AgieCharmilles’ iQ system means reduced setup time and more machine running time, both of which are of critical importance in the manufacturing environment.

Unique, rugged mechanical concept

The FORM 200’s unique and dynamic mechanical concept features a fixed 500 x 400 mm table and a three-sided drop tank, ensuring unparalleled accessibility to the mold or part. FORM 200 work tank dimensions are 790 x 530 x 350, accommodating pieces up to 530 mm in diameter and programmable workpiece bath level from 100 to 325 mm. FORM 200 travel is (X, Y, Z) 350 x 250 x 250 mm.

Compact and ergonomic

The footprint of the FORM 200  is 1,900 wide x 1,690 long x 2,650 tall (mm), making it a surpri-singly ergonomic workshop addition. By integrating electrical, filtration and dielectric components, developers were able to keep the machine compact while offering improved functions. Ergonomics of the FORM 200 are further improved by its independent console with touchscreen and outstanding remote control with embedded HMI functionnalities.

The machine features the same contemporary programming functionalities as GF Agie-Charmilles’ FORM 20/30 range and the high-end FORM 2000 HP/VHP and FORM 3000 HP/VHP machines.

Flexibility comes into play

While the FORM 200 alone exceeds expectations, the RTC brings additional value to your production process. Customers looking for reliable tool changing in order to increase their running time need look no further than the RTC in combination with the FORM 200. But the RTC goes further, ably managing multiple tools, in up to 160 positions with varying shapes and increasing your flexibility. With the FORM 200 and the RTC, you get the best of both worlds: increased running time and increased flexibility.

Customer Services

Like all GF AgieCharmilles products, the FORM 200 is supported by a continuum of Cust-omer Services customizable to your particular needs. GF AgieCharmilles’ Customer Services offers the industry’s most comprehensive service package: basic and advanced preventive services, training, a dedicated Helpline, original wear parts and certified consumables, and a Privilege Club with special advantages available only to GF AgieCharmilles customers.


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