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1-mrt-2012 14:00

GF AgieCharmilles Laser texturing solutions for auto interiors

+ Innovative, accurate, versatile reproduction of 2D and complex 3D textures
+ Unlimited array of textures, finest detail
+ Highly rigid, five-axis machine concept
+ Pack software eliminates guesswork
+ A sustainable solution, a tool for life
+ A continuum of Customer Services

In conjunction with the 82nd Annual Geneva Motor Show, GF AgieChar– milles invites you to experience the difference our Laser solutions bring to the texturing of molds for automotive interiors. Please join us at our Laser + Automobile Interior Design event, planned for 1-3:00 p.m., March 8-9 and March 12-16, at GF AgieCharmilles headquarters in Meyrin.

MOBILITY - Automotive
GF AgieCharmilles’ machines and strategies have the flexibility, performance and reliability essential to the production of complex Automotive components, including cavities, tools for the production of plastic parts, castings, forgings and stampings, and distinctive, intricate interior automobile textures.


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