GF Machining Solutions (GF AgieCharmilles) to inaugurate new canteen at its production site in Zandone

18-dec-2013 10:00

GF Machining Solutions (GF AgieCharmilles) will inaugurate a new, 600-square meter canteen at its Zandone production site, during a grand opening ceremony on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. The canteen, an investment of about CHF 2 million, is evidence of the Group’s ongoing commitment to its employees and the local community.

GF Machining Solutions (GF AgieCharmilles) has had a production facility in Ticino since 1957, when manufacturing began in Losone; in 1972, production was moved to Zandone. Guests for the grand opening ceremony include Filippo Lombardi, President 2013 of the Council of States of the Swiss Confederation, and Losone community leaders. 

The schedule for the ceremony is:

4 p.m.Arrival of guests and employees
4:15 p.m.Welcome and introduction by Alain Berger, Head of Technical Unit EDM, and Managing Director of Agie Charmilles SA in Losone
4:20 p.m.Speech by Filippo Lombardi, President 2013 of the Council of States of the Swiss Confederation
4:30 p.m.Speech by GF Machining Solutions COO Ivan Filisetti on
“GF Machining Solutions’ Presence in Losone: History and Future”
4:45 p.m.Ribbon-cutting ceremony

The 320-seat canteen is scheduled to open on January 7, 2014, serving traditional Mediter-ranean food to the Group’s 440 employees in Losone. The canteen will be operated by CICO SA, Minusio, and will use fresh, regional Ticino products. The general contractor for the construction project is HRS Real Estate Ltd. in Giubiasco. 


For further information please contact:

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