HEM 500U: flexible, affordable, functional Milling solution

25-sep-2013 16:39

Flexibility, a compact and simple design, and ease of use are the hallmarks of the new five-axis Milling machine from GF AgieCharmilles. The universal HEM 500U is especially suitable for parts production in fields like aerospace and aeronautics and general machinery.

The HEM 500U with its new developed rotary tilting table persuades with competitive perform­ance in terms of stiffness and versatility in its class. It is the ergonomic answer for the stan­dard production of precision parts in prototyping up to series from five workpieces with wide-opening doors. The HEM 500U offers a good view of the machining process and easy loading and access to the work piece.

This functional and easy to use Milling solution comes with Heidenhain’s iTNC 530 control enabling production of highly accurate work piece contours while machining at high velocity.

 It matches perfectly with the machine, a reliable and sturdy five-axis Milling centre for all kinds of “3+2” Milling jobs. The control’s uniformly digital design ensures high accuracy and surface quality, as well as high traverse speeds.

Compact and stiff design and easy Automation accessibility

MIKRON HEM 500U front closedThe universal MIKRON HEM 500U equipped with Heidenhain iTNC 530 is especially suitable for parts production in fields like aerospace and aeronautics and general machinery.

The machine is designed as a robust C-Frame structure supporting a cross-sledge for the transversal X- and Y- movements. All three linear axes are located on a sturdy block that houses the B-axis. The vertical Z-movement, housing an inline spindle, is mounted to the rigid Y-axis column.

The compact combination of spindle slides/machine columns absorbs the forces resulting from the machining process. The structure stiffness allows both rapid and precise displace­ment of the moving element. All the structural components are manufactured in cast iron. This material possesses very good vibration dampening characteristics. Set up of the machine takes place on the leveling elements also supplied. No special foundation is necessary. Customers considering future pallet Automation can choose a “preparation for Automation” option at order placement, and then later add the Automation system which is qualified for their needs.

With the new pallet changer, yet another degree of flexibility and independence is achieved.

A simple plug-and-play system enables mounting and retrofitting to the standard machine. Thanks to the intelligent design, differently sized System 3R and EROWA standard pallets can be employed. The pallet changer can also be operated using T-slot tables.

Whether the customer is machining aluminium or steel, the HEM 500U represents accuracy, flexibility, affordability and ease of use across a wide range of applications.

From machining structural parts for aircraft to components for electronics boxes, the HEM 500U is this stan­dard machining solution of choice from GF AgieCharmilles. The HEM 500U underscores GF AgieCharmilles’ commitment to meeting customers’ needs for flexible, competitively priced and easy-to-use standard five-axis Milling solutions.

Customer Services

press-release-emo7With the new pallet changer a highest degree of flexibility and autonomy is achieved.

Like all GF AgieCharmilles products, the HEM 500U is supported by a continuum of Customer Services customizable to your particular needs. GF AgieCharmilles’ Customer Services offers the industry’s most comprehensive service package: preventive services, training, a dedicated Helpline, original wear parts and certified consumables, and a Privilege Club with special advantages available only to GF AgieCharmilles customers.

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