Driving your success: GF Machining Solutions’ EDM helps Concraft meet precision, productivity demands.

6-jun-2014 8:00

With a long roster of powerhouse customers - including Cisco, Intel, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Samsung and Pegatron - the Concraft Group is known for its commitment to highest innovation in pursuit of precision and productivity. That is why Concraft increasingly turns to
GF Machining Solutions' Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) solutions for renowned performance, flexibility and ease of use.

Based in Taiwan, Concraft employs about 1,900 people in China and Singapore, Concraft was founded in 1991, specializing in the design and production of connectors for the elec­tronics industry.

In the past three years, Concraft has accumulated a fleet of 13 GF Machining Solutions EDM machines. Among them are four FORM 20 die-sinking EDM machines.

“The outstanding price/performance ratio offered by the FORM 20/FORM 30 range makes it a natural choice,” said General Manager Agi Lee. “Quality and performance are partic­ularly important to us. In our EDM machines, we always expect high respect for details, homo­genous surface quality, and ability to handle small radii. We check the radii by micro­scope, and we also do quality checks with coordinate measuring machines.”

In its molding division, Concraft successfully confronts product tolerances under 0.01 mm and the challenges of producing mold inserts - one of the group’s areas of expertise - with as many as 32 cavities for connectors and 520 cavities for light-emitting diode (LED) frames.

The group’s stamping division, using Bruderer high-speed stamping machinery, also con­fronts tolerances under 0.01 mm.

Such exacting constraints and high demand leave no room for error. That is where the FORM 20/FORM 30 range makes another valuable contribution. Its AC FORM human-machine interface (HMI) generates the appropriate machining strategies for Concraft’s applications, and automatically organizes the machining flow based on those strategies.

The FORM 20/30s’ Swiss-made generator offers continuous pulse optimization to reduce electrode wear and ensure fast process control. And all of that on-board machining exper­tise is at the touch of the operator’s fingertip, with interactive graphical assistance and embedded documentation making the machine easy to use.

“In our molding division, we are always looking at saving time on tool changes, easy main-tenance, and material savings,” said Lee. “On the stamping side, we strive for stability, high-quality production, efficiency and cost savings. Our FORM 20 machines are helping
us achieve these targets.”

In fact, Concraft is so impressed with the performance and efficiency of its existing GF Machining Solutions products that the group has ordered several more machines, including two CUT 200 mS, a CUT 300 mS, and a high-end CUT 2000. After all, investments in high technology solutions add value for Concraft’s customers.

“Each of our technology investments helps us win steady sales growth and earn very high evaluation from our customers,” Lee said.

FORM 30_side_closed

GF Machining Solutions’ FORM 20/FORM 30 die-sinking EDM machines deliver the results - including high respect for details, homogenous surface quality, and ability to handle small radii - expected by the Concraft Group.

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Serving a long list of renowned global brands, the Taiwan-based Concraft Group depends on GF Machining Solutions for cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use EDM solutions.


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