AgieCharmilles FORM E 600

GF Machining Solutions offers the new AgieCharmilles FORM E 600 and delivers the market’s best price/performance ratio for die-sinking EDM, thanks to its versatility, reliability and ease of use. The new machine features the latest-generation GF Machining Solutions Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG), a TECFORM module to enhance machining efficiency and reduce unproductive time, and easy setup for a quick start to erosion.


The most cost-efficient EDM die sinker for general mold and die applications

The AgieCharmilles FORM E 600 equipped with one of the most modern generators in the world for die-sinking EDM. Integrated into the generator is quality-boosting and cost-saving intelligence.
The EDM process is continuously optimized with every impulse, drastically reducing electrode wear on even the finest finishes. Process control takes a fraction of a second and produces an extremely homogeneous surface finish. The high-power generator has maximum output of 140 A on this solution.

Key Points

  • Compact design - Solid structure for reliable, stable operation
  • Powerful generator - Optimize every impulse reducing electrode wear
  • Versatile solution - Increase business opportunities  
  • AC FORM HMI - Interactive interface at your fingertip 



Main specifications
Dimensions of complete equipment
1600 x 2845 x 2858 mm
62.992 x 112.008 x 112.519 in
X, Y, Z travel
600 x 400 x 400 mm
23.622 x 15.748 x 15.748 in
Working range
Measurement resolution
0.1 µm
0.394 μin
Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H)
1000 x 700 x 400 mm
39.37 x 27.559 x 15.748 in
Max. electrode weight
100 kg
220.46 lb
Max. workpiece weight
1000 kg
2204.6 lb
Dielectric system
Reservoir capacity
750 l
198.13 gal
Standard machining current
140 A
140 A

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