Spindle Services

To maximize this critical part's uptime

Advanced Services - Spindle Services

What is this service?

  • Precise mechanical operations such as spindle run-out checking, clamping force measurement, etc., with specific tooling
  • Diagnosis of spindle status (e.g., vibrations ) with Spindle Diagnosis Software (SDS) and spindle history (e.g., crash, bearing temperature, etc.) thanks to Spindle Diagnosis Module (SDM)

What are the benefits? 

  • Optimize spindle life and work processes
  • Advance planning of the maintenance intervention (e.g., spindle factory repair 1 and 2)
  • Test with little or no impact on the operation time
  • Reliability and assurance with the recording of spindle life events

Why to use this service?

  • Keep “the heart” of your Milling machine accurate and operating at high performance
  • Identify machining failure or unsatisfactory surface finishing results
  • Verify spindle status prior to special production

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