GF AgieCharmilles Awards 2010-2012


GF Machining Solutions’ Machine Spindle Protection earns prestigious PRODEX award.
With MSP, GF Machining Solutions has engineered a revolutionary spindle protection system that delivers considerable added value for customers by eliminating spindle damage, mis-aligned machine geometry, machine downtime, and their related costs in case of unwanted, unexpected spindle crashes.


PRODEX Award for Innovation: GF AgieCharmilles’ Automatic Wire Changer for wire-cutting EDM machines

Platinum Award, Techni-Show Innovation Awards 2012, Utrecht, the Netherlands: Platinum Award for the HSM 400 high-speed Milling machine


Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2011: Special Manufacturing Technology Award for the CUT 1000 wire-cutting EDM machine, AgieCharmilles China

Red Star Design Award, China: SP 1U precision die-sinking EDM machine

Gold Medal for Best Machine Product, TOOLEX 2011 (International Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technology Fair), Poland: MIKRON HPM 600 HD three-axis machining center

PIF Gold Medal for innovative technology, MACH-TOOL (ITM) 2011, Poland: LASER 600 5Ax


First place, Prodex Awards for Innovation: GF AgieCharmilles’ Intelligence Tool Measurement System (ITM)

Best Specialized Machining/Manufacturing Equipment, Metal Working Production (MWP) Award, MACH 2010, Birmingham (UK): FORM 2000 die-sinking machine with iQ (innovation + Quality) technology