Customers testimonials

Our main objectives are to increase your productivity, motivate your employees, make true experts of your machine operators, and achieve better machining results with our modular, tailored training programs.

“Being well trained enough is crucial for fast productivity and acceptance.”


Initially, we needed to increase our production and wanted to better perform with our machines. Therefore, we requested training on legacy machines and System 3R WorkShopManager to improve our production. 
GF Machining Solutions Academy trainers first came with basic training and then proposed more tailor-made modules on punch, taper, die sinking, etc. They provided us with Automation skills and deep use transfer and we were able to go into production immediately. GF Machining Solutions also has ensured a strong follow-up process after their intervention, helping us to solve small issues rapidly. 
Facing new challenges in our industry, for the launch of new products, increasing the use of multiple technologies and with the objective of always being more productive, we are highly interested in a training package on a yearly basis to secure our knowledge and, therefore, our performance.