Introducing the new AgieCharmilles CUT P 350/550/800/1250

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«Best generator on the market allowing surface finish down to Ra 0.08 μm, finest part rectitude with lateral servo control while offering ultimate machining speed.»

Marco Boccadoro, Head of EDM Research and Innovation


No wire breakage, no lines
on complex parts


Finish as fine as Ra 0.08 μm


Highest geometrical accuracy


Highest profile accuracy


A new era of autonomy

For the first time, the wire EDM process becomes completely autonomous with Automatic Slug Management (ASM) and Automatic Slug Welding (ASW). One hundred percent autonomy.


Tooling and Automation solutions

Extend your autonomy, work all night and increase your productivity by up to seven times with our Tooling and Automation solutions. Five hundred percent machining time with Automation

Step into the future – i4.0


Faster cutting speed

With our latest generation Intelligent Power Generator’s productivity reaches its quintessence.


Cost per part

Dedicated technologies for AC Cut VS+ reduce cost per part and increase number of parts produced.


Running costs

With the Eco machining functionalities.


Wire consumption

Thanks to optimized wire feed rate and faster technologies with the IPG, you can significantly reduce the highest costintensive influence on running costs.


Designed for all conditions

The answer to every challenge is performance. Accuracy in the worst flushing conditions, with 30° taper or with temperatutre fluctuations to increase part quality and tooling life.

  • Advanced thermostabilization to secure reliable accuracy
  • Unique Quadrax® design varying from 0 to 30° (45° included)
  • Most advanced threading on the market
  • Advanced accuracy down to ± 2 μm
  • Secure your taper accuracy below 10’’ with advanced taper calibration

Complete range of solutions

From a few grams to six metric tons, and whether your are producing surgical tools or aluminium die-casting molds for automative, we offer a complete product line to satisfy your needs.

  • Over 600 dedicated processes
  • Up to 6,000 kg
  • Up to 800 mm height
  • All materials:
    steel, carbide, copper, graphite, aluminum, brass, titanium, PCD
  • Wires from 0.07 to 0.3 mm


Simple file management

Design around the use, manage folders and files, organize job execution and access AC CAM EASY in the most ergonomic manner.

Configuration and maintenance

From a single access panel, efficiently manage your machine so that it’s always ready to work.

Easy programming

Whether you program on the machine or import from CAD/CAM software, our HMI is designed to be logical and simple to use.

Connectivity functions

Connect your machine to your workshop and get better management of your production tool.


CUT P 350

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CUT P 550

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CUT P 800

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CUT P 1250

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