AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 series
Unlimited combination of powerful, versatile and smart solutions

Texturing, engraving, structuring and cutting. The LASER P 400 excels at these machining operations for small parts in one of the most compact footprints in the industry. The possibility of integrated latest generation femtosecond laser sources and combining two wavelengths in the same setup opens the door to cutting-edge applications on the most challenging materials. This is the machine of choice for market segments like watchmaking, ICT and medical device, but also small molds.

Boost your quality with the finest engraving

Femtosecond laser processing will shorten your lead time, and increase your quality thanks to the burr-free engraving requiring no additional operations.

scalable and versatil laser solution

Start with a standard nanosecond laser and integrate a femtosecond Laser source later or viceversa. Your machine is ready to answer your existing and future challenges.

Simplify your processes

Simplify your manufacturing process and save time. Laser texturing, laser blasting, engraving and marking operations are all possible in a single machine, in a single setup, on even the most complex parts. Flexibility is now increased with the possibility of switching the laser wavelength between infrared and green in real time.

Sharp decoration

Smallest beam size

Choose the specific focal lens best suited to your application. A comprehensive selection of standard and telecentric lenses will help you succeeding in any three or five-axis jobs.

Laser efficiency

Laser sources

Infrared and green: it is now possible to switch from one wavelength to another, in the same job, with the new GF Femto FlexipulseTM 40W IR-Green. Broaden your scope of materials and application with this versatile laser source.

Clean engraving

Laser technology

Nanosecond laser sources offer the best compromise between quality and machining speed. Femtosecond laser sources provide excellent machining quality and more pulse modulation parameters, such as the Burst functionality. This functionality helps fine-tuning the Laser ablation process, opening the door to machining brittle materials, structuring functional surfaces, or obtaining LIPSS (Laser-induced periodic surface structures).

Five axis laser

Machine kinematics

Our Laser machine offers you the possibilty to apply your desired texture on any 3D complex parts with the requested quality, thanks to our 5 axis Laser ablation technology.

Master surface texturing and stucturing

Micro texture

From cosmetic textures to functional surfaces, such as LIPSS and hydrophobic textures, expand your business opportunities with the Laser LP 400 and femtosecond Laser sources. But don't stop there; engraving and thin material cutting are also possible in this versatile machine.

Burr-free engraving

Ultrashort laser pulsed

Get clean, sharp results, and absolutely burr-free engraving with no post-treatment steps required, thanks to the advantages of femtosecond Laser.

Texture new materials with confidence

Laser glass etching

With this new laser source, you can significantly increase your range of activities by alternately combining two different wavelengths, you can address a wide range of materials - steel, aluminum, carbide, brass, graphite, copper but last but not least, the ablation of exotic materials such as glass, ceramic, sapphire, diamonds, polymers is improved mainly thanks to the powerful set of adjustable parameters and all this in three or five axes.

Agile and versatile

Two lasers - Laser P 400

Engrave a wide range of materials—steel, aluminum, carbide, brass, graphite, copper—in three or five axes. Additionally, when choosing a femtosecond Laser source, you can also engrave glass, ceramic, sapphire, diamonds, polymers, to name a few. Your tool: a laser beam. Your colour: infrared or green.


AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 series
Main specifications
Machine dimensions
1230 x 2330 x 2490 mm
48.425 x 91.732 x 98.031 in
Machine weight
2400 kg
5291.04 lb
Machine floor space
2.04 m2
2.04 m2
Maximum workpiece dimensions 3Ax 5Ax
600 x 400 x 250 / Ø 120 x h 120 mm
23.622 x 15.748 x 9.843 / Ø 4.724 x h 4.724 in
Maximum workpiece weight 3Ax 5Ax
50/4 kg
110.23/8.82 lb
Table size
680 x 400 mm
26.772 x 15.748 in
X, Y, Z travel
600 x 400 x 300 mm
23.622 x 15.748 x 11.811 in
Rotary 4/5 axis **
A 115°-105°/B 360° mm
A 4.528°-4.134°/B 14.173° in
Laser sources
Multi-Laser sources : nanosecond and/or ultrashort pulsed laser **
Multi-Laser sources : nanosecond and/or ultrashort pulsed laser **
Power consumption
Electrical 3 x 400 Vac + ground ; 6 kVA
Electrical 3 x 400 Vac + ground ; 6 kVA
Pneumatic 6 bars 500 l h
Pneumatic 6 bars 500 l h

** Option

Examples of possible configurations

  • 3 or 5 axis
  • laser source possibilities:

            a) 1 nano source
            b) 1 femto source (20W or 40W IR/GR)
            c) 1 nano + 1 femto 20W.

  • Choice of focal lens, f-Theta or Telecentric, with spot sizes ranging from 15 to 50 um

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