Laser micromachining

Experience clean, lightning-fast micromachining while maintaining high accuracy and productivity, with femtosecond Laser technology. GF Machining Solutions offers the industry’s most complete line of Laser micromachining platforms optimized for small, high-precision features to meet the increasing need for the smaller, smarter parts to support today’s leading edge products.


Machining for a shrinking world

Manufacturers are challenged to deliver precision parts, to get higher final product performance and to effectively control the price per part. GF Machining Solutions offers the industry’s most complete line of micromachining Laser platforms optimized for small, high precision features to meet the increasing need for the smaller, smarter parts to support today’s leading edge products.


Advancing medical technology

Miniaturization is a clear trend today and the accuracy of features is becoming even more crucial. GF Machining Solutions offer a new class of high-precision Laser micromachining platforms ideal for the medical device manufacturing industry. Our solutions answer medical device manufacturer’s needs: higher productivity, better quality and compliance with stringent regulation.


Boosting auto performance

Automakers want more combustion with the same amount of fuel because of customers ‘expectation. GF machining Solutions’ ultrafast Laser platform changed everything delivering precision microholes on new generations of fuel injectors that improve performance to help meet government emissions regulations and satisfy customer.


Running like a Swiss watch

The movement of an automatic watch consists of hundreds of extremely small tight-tolerance components. With GF Machining Solutions, watchmakers have found the ideal solution for producing parts at lower costs and with faster cycle times, increasing manufacturers’ productivity. Ultrafast Laser solutions provide speed, accuracy and quality advantages over traditional micromachining solutions. 



New horizons for small part machining

The ML-5 is industry’s leading ultrafast laser micromachining platform, combining exceptional part handing, motion control and real-time positional feedback to deliver perfect micro holes and other features in seconds. Femtosecond Laser makes it possible to machine a wide range of materials producing with no tool wear, and no-heat affected zone, which enables ultrahigh surface and edge quality.

This Laser can create unique shapes such as negative taper holes, holes that change shape (circular entrance and elliptical exit), star patterns and more—shapes that are impossible to do on a mechanical machine.


Key Points

  • Micromachining with femtosecond laser - No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), No burr
  • Higher throughput and rapid cycle times
  • High surface finish and edge quality
  • Real-time part measurement
  • Automation-ready


Main specifications
Machine dimension (width x depth x height)
2350 x 1150 x 2600 mm
92.52 x 45.276 x 102.362 in
Machine weight
2730 kg
6018.56 lb
Travel X Y Z
280 x 350 x 260 mm
11.024 x 13.78 x 10.236 in
Rotary 4 5 axis
A +95°-125° / C 360°
A +95°-125° / C 360°
Laser sources
20 / 40 W
20 / 40 W

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