Perfect machine with unbelievable price

GF Machining Solutions introduces new reference machines in three-axis and five-axis-models for high-speed milling

Mikron MILL S 500


Mikron MILL S 500 Machine configuration:



  • Basic machine MILL S 500
  • Spindle 42000 min-¹/ HSK-E40
  • Tool magazine 36× HSK-E40
  • Coolant tank with chip flushing system
  • Oil mist spray unit
  • Preparation and Mist extraction unit
  • Laser measuring system
  • Tool blow-off unit
  • Touch probe infrared 40. 00 TX/RX
  • Beacon
  • APS Advanced Process System
  • ITC Intelligent Thermal Control
  • OSS Operator Support System
  • DNC Remote network access on control

Unique Opportunity



Precision and quality for workpiece and mold making as well as production of precise parts

Pyramid-shaped structure of polymer concrete machine base

+ Weight-optimized and rigidity for the high-speed cutting
+ Thermal inertia as well as excellent dampening properties
+ Machine bed cooling to improve thermal stability

The core component of High Speed Milling
+ Linear drives for the highest speed and acceleration.
+ Cooling between tool interface and front roller bearing of spindle
+ New Thermo-Lock measuring probe technology

Smart concept to achieve the art of High Speed Milling
+ Increase in the workpiece surface quality as well as the surface and shape accuracy
+ Recognition of critical machining strategies
+ Improvement in the process safety

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