New AgieCharmilles LASER series
Innovative texturing. Accelerated productivity.

GF Machining Solutions’ Laser texturing technology solution is setting a new milestone and making it possible to execute challenging product designs at a maximum quality and productivity. Our latest-generation Laser texturing solutions, the LASER S series, empowers designers to perfectly apply their designs to challenging surfaces and enables manufacturers to execute new surface design while controlling quality and cost per part, reducing lead time and machining time. The LASER S 1000 U and LASER S 1200 U are specifically made to answer automotive interior, lighting, packaging, home appliance and kitchenware, and ICT needs. Discover new design possibilities and be prepared to execute them at higher speed and quality.

Fast Laser machine

Accelerated productivity

Are machining time and delivery time putting your business at risk? Produce faster than ever and reduce the need for human intervention.

New design possibilities

Are you ready to innovate your next product design? Master surface design quality with a digital technology, right now.

Boost your manufacturing agility

Are you concerned about having the right machine to meet to your specific demands? Discover unprecedented flexibility with two machines in one.

Be ready to answer new business opportunities

Are you facing new design demands that you cannot currently answer? Discover how the AgieCharmilles LASER S series answers new market demands while controlling cost per part.

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The 21th of March in Schorndorf (Germany)

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Tooling - Automation