GF Machining Solutions to launch rConnect銑削加工,放電加工,雷射加工中央溝通平台

2015-10-6 下午7:00

GF Machining Solutions發展中央溝通平台給銑削加工,放電加工,雷射加工

GF Machining Solutions is advancing the Industry 4.0 vision of the smart factory of the future with the EMO Milano 2015 launch of rConnect, the machine tool industry’s most in-depth remote machine tool analysis.

GF 加工解決方案將在2015米蘭EMO展推出連接工業 4.0的願景:未來智慧工廠,工具機業最深入的遠端機器分析。

As manufacturing undergoes a digital transformation accelerated by expanding technologies including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services, opportunities are arising for businesses to increase their competitiveness by ensuring maximum machine uptime. That is the point of GF Machining Solutions Customer Services’ new rConnect technology. As a central communication platform for its Milling, EDM and Laser technologies, rConnect is evidence of how the GF Division is advancing the Industry 4.0 vision of the smart factory of the future by helping businesses ensure maximum machine uptime and increase their competitiveness.

製造業正進行用延伸技術包括擴充網路物理系統,物聯網和互聯網服務加速數位轉換,確保機器最大生產時間為企業增強競爭力。這是GFMS 客戶服務的新連結技術。當銑床、放電和雷射有一做為中央溝通的平台,rConnect是GF推進工業4.0未來智慧工廠先進技術的證明幫助企業以最大機器生產時間來增加他們的競爭力。

The first phase of rConnect is Live Remote Assistance (LRA), allowing customer-authorized remote assistance and therefore connects the customer with the local diagnostics center and the GF Machining Solutions plants in real time. LRA allows Customer Services to inspect a machine tool remotely with diagnostics performed by a GF Machining Solutions technician or the customer. Any resulting maintenance is performed on site by a service engineer.

rConnect第一階段是現場遙控協助(LRA Live Remote Assistance),在實際時間允許客戶授權遙控協助及連結客戶本地診斷中心和GFMS工廠。LRA允許GFMS技術客服人員或客戶人員施行遠端遙控診斷檢查機器。任何保養工作則由服務工程師施行。

Clear customer benefits with LRA LRA帶給客戶的明顯益處

LRA’s customer cockpit is the user interface for the machine operator, maintainer or operations manager. It enables central access to GF Machining Solutions’ digital services and provides
the operator with support in the daily maintenance of the machine. For example, it provides an overview of all maintenance due on the machine. The user can view current status messages and call up machine performance reports.

LRA 客戶操控處是給機器操控者、機器保養人員或生產部經理的使用者介面。能夠進入GFMS診斷中心並提共作業員機器日常的支援協助。使用者可觀見現時狀況訊息及調出機器所有性能報告。

The customer benefits of LRA are clear: faster diagnoses and interventions when machine issues arise, significantly less machine downtime and, consequently, higher continuous productivity. With LRA, information can be shared between the customer and GF Machining Solutions via audio, video, chat, whiteboard, file transfer, screen sharing, and system access. All interactions are logged, and a record is created. Behind rConnect and LRA is instant virtual private network allowing highly secure access to the machine and certified with TÜViT Trusted Product Certificate.

客戶受益於LRA非常明顯: 當機器產生問題時能快速的診斷及排除,大大減少停機時間,因此有連續、不間斷地高生產力。有了LRA,經由音訊、影片、聊天、白板,檔案傳輸、畫面分享、及進入系統,訊息能夠互相分享於客戶和GFMS之間。

The best value delivered by LRA and rConnect is direct result of GF Machining Solutions’ com-mitment to customers and its long Industry 4.0 partnerships with leading European research institutes including the University of Birmingham (UK), the University of Geneva (CH), the Swiss Federal Technical Institute in Zurich, RWTH Aachen University (DE), and the Fraunhofer Institute (DE).

LRA 最佳價值在於GFMS直接對客戶承諾及長久與歐洲研究機構合作工業4.0包含英國伯明罕大學、日內瓦大學、瑞士聯邦技術機構、德國RWTH亞琛工業大學及夫朗和斐應用研究促進協會。