Mikron MILL X U Series
Precision and quality for your production

Part production with highest productivity and quality the MILL X U machine range offers productivity and a high dymnamic to get fastes process speed. With the machines optimised thermal management system and the possibility to integrate automation the MILL X U range is the perfect mach for customer which are looking to optimise there processes .s.


Complex parts in perfection

Master the challenges of a wide range of applications and short term-market requirements Go from blank to finished part on the smallest footprint, thanks to a flexible 5-Axis machine and produce your part on one machine in a single clamping.

Fulfill market demands at any time just in time

4/7 flexible production which helps you to always be able to answer customers short-notice requests. Change from batch production to express job within minutes.

Go from order to finished part just fast

Fastest 5-Axis HSM precision solution with a optimised machine design to automated and get a reliable system for 24/7  5 axis machiining production.

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Mikron MILL X 400 U

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Mikron MILL X 600 U

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