EDM Upgrade Initiative


With our EDM Upgrade Initiative a new, GF Machining Solutions advanced wire EDM machine is within easy reach.

The Initiative means you can trade-in your old wire EDM machine (quickly and simply) for one of our new models and, more importantly, start earning lots more
money into the bargain.
To see what we mean look at the performance benefits you could be experiencing from our latest wire EDM technology by clicking here, and consider how much better your life could be if you could make parts faster...better...and cheaper than ever before.
If this sounds good to you check out some of the new machines in our range (below), and then call us on 02476 538666 to arrange an appointment with one of Area Sales Managers who can talk you through the initiative in more detail and explain the part-exchange options available.

Top End Accuracy

CUT top row

High Speed Machining

CUT middle row

General Purpose

CUT bottom row 2

Seeing is believing

Click here to check out the performance benefits of our new, advanced wire EDM machines.

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