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“Although Renault Sport Formula One Team regularly invest in our latest Mikron HPM (High-Performance) 5-axis machines - and have done for some time, a situation arose back in October 2016 that saw the Team invest in a new Mikron HEM 700U…one of our entry level 5-axis machines.

A reliability issue affecting one of the Team’s older machines, from a different supplier, was compromising its ability to machine and supply performance-critical suspension components. 

They needed a quick and reliable solution so, naturally, they turned to us.

Although we didn’t have a HPM machine in stock at that time…we were confident that a 5-axis machine from our ‘HEM’ standard entry range would be ideal. The machining tests we did at our facility (and theirs) backed up our claims.

So, in a race against time, we delivered and installed a Mikron HEM 700U machining centre equipped with a large working envelope (700 x 600 x 500mm - X,Y, Z travels), a 20,000rpm spindle and a direct-drive rotary table.

Since being installed the machine hasn’t missed a beat.

You too can experience the same performance benefits as Renault Sport Formula One Team, for a lot less than you think!

Check-out the deal below.”

Gareth Wadkin: Product & Application Manager, GF Machining Solutions.

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The new Mikron HEM 700U at Renault Sport Formula One Team’s machine shop.


This aluminium Front Suspension part was machined from solid on the HEM 700U at Renault Sport Formula One Team’s manufacturing facility.

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If you’re looking for a flexible, high-precision and ultra-reliable 5-axis machine take a leaf out of Renault Sport Formula One Team’s book - and get the low down on our HEM U series of 5-axis machining centres.

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