New FORM 20 and FORM 30 die-sink machines

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Here they are.

The new FORM 20 and FORM 30 die-sink machines are designed to help manufacturers make precision parts faster...better...and cheaper. Equipped with advanced generators, powerful controls and sophisticated software these new machines provide ‘best-in-class’ performance at a distinctly down-to-earth price.

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• Accuracy: Exactly what you’re looking for.

The machines, with their rigid design and cross-table configuration, are equipped with linear glass scales (on all axes) guaranteeing life-long positional accuracy.

• Flexibility: Versatility comes as standard.

FORM 20/30 machines are equipped with an integrated C-axis which enables the machining of contours, curved recesses and undercuts.

Both machines can be supplied with GF Machining Solutions’ proprietary ‘GammaTEC’ technology specifically designed to help manufacturers produce shiny ‘polished’ surface finishes on large work-pieces, and a SF (Surface Finish) module to ensure that even the most stringent surface finish requirements can be achieved.

• Award winning performance

FORM 20 and FORM 30 machines are equipped with GF Machining Solutions’ revolutionary IQ ‘Zero Electrode Wear’ Technology which eliminates electrode wear and helps manufacturers reduce the time, cost and effort associated with machining new and or replacement copper or graphite electrodes.

• Productivity: Fast...Faster...Fastest.

Productivity is a hallmark of the new machines.

The FORM 20 and FORM 30 machines are equipped with TECFORM technology that helps operators select the optimum ‘pre-set’ parameters for their machining requirements, as well as the new sophisticated, icon-driven AC FORM HMI CNC Control that helps reduce job set-up times and eliminates operator data input errors.

For manufacturers looking to get even more out of the machines (i.e. via unattended and lights-out operations), the machines can be supplied with (optional) Linear Tool Changers.

• Cost-competitive: An investment...not a cost.

To find out how much (or rather how little) these machines cost – call us now on 02476 538666.

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