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We provide, year-on-year, a number of resources that help, educate and inform manufacturers. These FREE resources (brochures, booklets, guides etc., and videos) cover a wide range of issues and subjects and can be accessed from this site, and are over and above the information contained within the ‘News’ section.

Specific resources available include: 5-axis Machining; Automation; Sector-specific resources etc.

Flight Pack is the latest initiative from GF AgieCharmilles aimed at UK and Irish aerospace precision component manufacturers.

Flight Pack: Introduction


Aerospace is one of the most technically demanding industries in the world. With increasingly difficult to machine materials and alloys being used, exacting technical and commercial specifications to be met, and ever-reducing time constraints to contend with - every manufacturer of high-precision, complex aerospace parts faces many challenges.

Introduction Brochure

Flight Pack: Machines


GF AgieCharmilles is a leading supplier of machine tools to the Aerospace Industry and is increasingly a supplier of choice to precision aircraft component manufacturersaround the world. Our machine tool technology solutions are used (and specified) by a growing number of aerospace manufacturers and are renowned for their productivity, accuracy and reliability. 

Machines Brochure

Flight Pack: Applications


Thousands of precision manufacturing companies in the UK are involved (totally or in part) in the aerospace sector. A significant and growing percentage of these companies use GF AgieCharmilles’ 5-axis and/or EDM machine tools to achieve the part accuracies and repeatabilities, and surface finishes demanded by their customers.

Applications Brochure

Flight Pack: Case Studies


Aerospace manufacturing encompasses a wide variety of parts, diverse in their shape, size, design and material used. To meet the complex needs of the industry, GF AgieCharmilles offers a comprehensive portfolio of classleading high-speed and highperformance 5-axis machining centres and market-leading wire and spark erosion EDM machines.

Case Studies Brochure

Motorsport brochure

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Motorsport is in many respects a showcase sector for the UK. It represents the very best in R&D, new product innovation and development, the use and application of new and different materials and the deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Motorsport brochure

Automation Brochure

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The company is also renowned, and has a growing reputation, for designing and delivering both standard and customised automation solutions for precision manufacturers looking to boost productivity, reduce costs, increase manufacturing flexibility and improve overall profitability.

Automation brochure

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