Unlimited possibilities

Mar 1, 2012 3:00 PM

Visitors to the 82nd International Geneva Auto Show March 8-18 will experience GF AgieCharmilles’ innovation in action, thanks to a partnership with internationally renowned Italian car design firm Pininfarina.

Pininfarina’s Cambiano concept car, to be showcased at Booth No. 1241 at the motor show, is an example of the distinct difference GF AgieCharmilles’ Laser texturing solutions bring to the design of auto components.

GF AgieCharmilles’ Laser texturing process brings machining for the automotive industry full circle. The Group’s solutions for automotive have long including Milling and electric discharge machining (EDM) for the production of precision parts, electronic components and connectivity

features in cars. GF AgieCharmilles’ Laser texturing technology delivers the finishing touch: unlimited possibilities for the design of car dashboards and bumpers, as well as new dimensions in creativity and differentiation of interior surfaces.

For designers and manufacturers in the highly competitive automotive industry, GF AgieCharmilles’ Laser technology means more independence, individuality, know-how and innovation.

With the imminent launch of its new, larger LASER 4000 5Ax five-axis Laser texturing machine, GF AgieCharmilles takes the texturing of melds for automotive to a new level. The new machine enables an unlimited array of 2D and complex 3D textures, in the finest detail with infinite repeatability, on big molds for components like car dashboards and bumpers – a true step forward for automotive design.

GF AgieCharmilles’ LASER series feature a highly rigid machine concept and pack software to eliminate guesswork. Because the machine tool is a pulsed laser, there is not threat of tool breakage or need for sharpening.

A continum of Customer Services
GF AgieCharmilles Laser products are supported by a full range of Customer Services that can be tailored to each customer’s needs. Operations Support ensures optimimum levels of performance and precision in daily operations and offers a wide range of certified consummables and original wear parts. Machine Support maximizes machine up time with original spare parts, technical support and preventive services. Business Support enhances operational potential with tailored business solutions.


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