‘Blue Competence’ demonstrates ‘green’ commitment and credentials.

Mar 10, 2017 10:24 AM

GF Machining Solutions commitment to environmental sustainability helps customers make more efficient use of resources.


From mature technologies like Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) and 3- and 5-axis milling, through to much newer ones such as Laser Texturing and Additive Manufacturing (AM), GF Machining Solutions is committed to helping its customers save and make more efficient use of resources by planning and building-in environmentally-friendly and sustainable innovations into its machine tools and manufacturing solutions.

As a member of the European Association of Machine Tool Industries’ Blue Competence Machine Tool Sustainability Initiative, GF Machining Solutions measures and quantifies the resource efficiency of its machines enabling customers to make better informed investment decisions. It also helps customers identify and select appropriate machine tool technologies that are aligned to their Environmental Management Systems.


There are numerous examples of GF Machining Solutions’ high-efficiency ‘Blue Competence’ technologies.

These include the company’s cost-saving Econowatt smart technology integrated into its EDM and milling machines - which enables customers to reduce their energy bills. Econowatt technology on its latest Mikron machining centres can help customers reduce their CO2 emissions by 4000kg per year.

Other examples worthy of note include:

  • incorporation of high-efficiency oil injectors in EDM machines which significantly reduce a customer’s compressed air requirements (57% reduction);
  • use of LED bulbs in machine tools’ working areas and in their beacon tower lights;
  • adoption of clean filtration systems with automatic particle separation;
  • integration of numerous SMART modules that reduce waste and optimise respective machining processes - EDM, Milling, Laser etc.;
  • use of remote monitoring technology such as rConnect that reduces in-person intervention and, as a consequence, pollution (and costs) associated with service engineers traveling to and from a customer’s facility.

Says Martin Spencer, Managing Director of GF Machining Solutions UK:

“Blue Competence is also a feature in our newer Laser and Additive Manufacturing technologies.

“Our Laser machines are used to texture moulds and components and replace polluting processes like chemical etching, and AM is an inherently ‘green’ technology that, among many benefits, reduces energy consumption and the amount of CO2 produced.”

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