‘E’ stands for Economic, Efficient, Ergonomic and Effective.

Dec 4, 2015 3:30 PM

GF Machining Solutions introduces new ‘E’ class wire EDM range.

GF Machining Solutions, the EDM, milling and laser ablation machine tool specialist and automation systems solutions provider has introduced a new range of compact wire EDM machines into the market.

The new CUT E 350 range combines advanced and proven EDM technologies with the company’s unrivalled EDM experience and expertise to deliver a wire machine range that helps customers improve their performance and productivity… makes their EDM processes more reliable… and reduces their lead times.

The CUT E 350 machines can handle relatively large work-pieces (820mm x 680mm x 220mm) weighing up to 400kg – and features, such as the machines’ drop down doors, enable easy access to the work area and trouble-free loading/unloading of parts.

At the heart of the CUT E 350 machines is GF Machining Solutions’ digital generator technology.

The Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) helps manufacturers cut parts faster and deliver exceptional accuracy and surface finishes (Ra 0.16 µm) – and a number of integrated and built-in technologies help customers exploit the machines’ full potential.

These include the POWER-EXPERT technology module which, in real time, monitors the cutting conditions and part shape requirements ensuring that optimum power is always delivered to the wire. This functionality is especially useful and efficient when machining intricate part features i.e. stepped parts etc.

Similarly, the Corner Strategy module automatically adjusts and recalibrates machining parameters during the cutting process, making provision for any change in direction - thereby enabling sharp angles and small radii to be produced.

The machines’ functionality is further enhanced by on-board dedicated ‘speed’ processes which can reduce cutting times by as much as 18% over standard wire EDM machines, and the provision of a TAPER-EXPERT module allows customers to machine tapers/cones up to 30 degrees over 45mm (part height).

As well as being easy to understand and use, the CUT E 350’s control system and interface - AC CUT (HMI) - features powerful job management functionality including Information about geometries, machining processes and command programs which are processed in one file, enabling jobs to be transferred between CUT E series machines (if required), and all modifications to be managed automatically. More than 10 automated measurement cycles are available to ease work-piece preparation, and with the standard, on-board AC CAM Easy software package, operators can prepare ISO files and post-process them into jobs during machining.

The CUT E 350 is supplied with a large 19” touch screen with pinch n’ pull capability, and a new hand box (designed for one-handed use) is a big advantage in job set-ups and job preparation.

The CUT E 350 machines are equipped with a reliable wire system comprising: Thermocut module (for easy wire preparation prior to threading); a wire circuit design that ensures perfect rolling-out and that does not disrupt the EDM process during machining, and; Automatic Wire Threading/Re-Threading capability to increase productivity.

The CUT E 350’s Intelligent Collision Protection (ICP) on the X, Y and Z axes eliminates costly collision-related downtime and protects the machine and the work-piece.

Unique to the market, ICP detects even the slightest of abnormal forces and halts X, Y or Z axis movement in order to avoid collisions and the costs and damages often associated with them.

The machines also feature glass scales for repeatable, long-term accuracy and a large 25kg wire spool is available to extend the machines’ (unmanned) running hours.

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