Mar 6, 2015 3:41 PM

New GF Machining Solutions video demonstrates productivity and performance advantages available to manufacturers through automation.

automation transformerWatch the video “Automation: The Productive Solution” on our GFTV Channel.

GF Machining Solutions, the EDM, milling and laser ablation machine tool specialist and automation and tooling systems supplier, has produced a new video that highlights the significant productivity and performance benefits manufacturers can expect from automating their machining processes.

The video titled “Automation: The Productive Solution” is 3.5 minutes long and can viewed on GF Machining Solutions’ website on its GF TV Channel.

Using a blend of ‘narrator-to-camera’, voice over, machining footage and graphics, the video explains how automation can help minimise, and in some instances virtually eliminate, downtime by reducing the number of set-up operations and other tasks (i.e. loading and unloading) requiring manual intervention. It also challenges and debunks the widespread perception that automation is only valid for specific types of manufacturing operations (i.e. high-volume production of same/similar parts).

The video outlines that a machine operating a 10 hour shift will be idle for 40% of the time but that by investing in flexible and cost-effective tooling (from system 3R) this same machine’s productivity can be increased by more than 20%, almost immediately.

To illustrate the power and modularity of automation the video also shows how, by creating a fully automated manufacturing cell comprising AgieCharmilles wire and sink EDM machines, a Mikron high-speed machining centre and a system 3R robot – all controlled by powerful cell management software, productivity can be increased by 280%!

Another upside from such an investment is that payback can be achieved within 12 months!

The video concludes by asking component manufacturers to contact GF Machining Solutions to undertake an in-depth, no obligation analysis of their current manufacturing processes to identify how and where automation can be used to improve productivity and performance.

Watch the Automation video here

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