GF Machining Solutions Customer Services promises success

Jan 29, 2015 10:14 AM

The Customer Services offers the very best support: fast technical assistance, preventive maintenance, test cuts, consumables, spare and wear parts, and consultancy for business solutions.

Customer Services can make that promise because it has the world’s most comprehensive service offering, backed by decades of technical know-how and application expertise across a wide range of demanding industrial areas. That means GF Machining Solutions knows by heart the needs of tool and mold makers and manufacturers of precision parts. The availa-bility of equipment, productivity and continuous improvement are essential success factors. That is why customers can rely on Customer Services’ modular service concept consisting of three support levels:

Operations Support

Achieving optimum levels of performance and precision in daily operations is a must. That is where Operations Support plays a key role by delivering the certified consumables and origi-nal wear parts necessary to everyday operations. Why use GF Machining Solutions’ recom-mended certified consumables and original wear parts? Studies show that productivity losses amounting to 20 percent can be attributed to not using recommended certified consumables and wear parts. Based on collaborations with strategic partners, Customer Services devel-ops and certifies specific consumables and wear parts. All components are specially desi-gned and chosen to match together to provide a consistently high-quality production environ-ment. More information is available in the e-catalog:

Machine Support

Machine Support offers original spare parts, technical support and preventive services to maximize machine uptime and to keep equipment in perfect operating condition. Original spare parts deliver best results in terms of productivity, accuracy and reliability, and they reduce the risk of machine breakdowns. Specially trained experts support customers in identifying the correct parts for their specific needs.

Furthermore, the tested exchange parts are immediately available to minimize down-time and they carry the same warranties as new parts. The cost-effective, customer-centric and preventive services put customers’ success at the center to ramp up productivity and to ensure predicatably uninterrupted uptime. From initial inspection and maintenance program to advanced services such as calibration by laser interferometer and circularity test with ballbar to cerfication support, GF Machining Solutions service engineers are customers’ expert partners for a wide range of preventive services.They are located close to customers and they act fast in the event of machine disturbances, maintenance needs and installation of upgrades.

Business Support

Business Support offers solutions tailored to customers’ needs. Working in close collabo-ration with customers, GF Machining Solutions goes beyond traditional services to realize individual solutions to ramp up operational excellence. Feasibility studies and test cuts are carried out by specialists in worldwide state-of-the-art Centers of Competence. This exper-tise gives customers the confidence that they have the right combination of equipment and technology for their applications and ensures that they benefit from our ever-expanding base of application expertise.

Training is another area where GF Machining Solutions Customer Services with its training academies helps customers power past the competition. With our resources and expertise, customers’ employees can become real experts, highly motivated and able to help increase productivity. Modular training curriculums are tailored to customers’ specific needs and aimed at helping them achieve superior results.

Furthermore customers can benefit from specifically developed and designed upgrades, options and System 3R Tooling and Automation solutions that enable higher sustainable productivity, enlarge your application scope and allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies.


Certified wire is just one part of GF Machining Solutions’ success-enabling, comprehensive Customer Services offering which includes three levels of support: Operations Support, Machine Support and Business Support.

Operations Support


Business Support


Machine Support


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