GF Machining Solutions’ high accuracy wire-EDM machines are the next big thing in micro-machining.

Apr 25, 2016 12:39 PM

Manufacturers involved in micro-machining operations and applications are being urged to investigate the potential of GF Machining Solutions’ X-type AgieCharmilles wire EDM machines…machines that deliver the highest accuracy by eliminating pitch and positional errors.

AgieCharmilles CUT 200X

The machines in question (all designated as X-type) are the AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 X, CUT 1000 X OilTech, CUT 2000 X, CUT 2000 X OilTech and CUT 3000 X. All feature adapted mechanical structures and exhibit impressive thermal stability, with all machines undergoing rigorous testing and calibration to ensure they they deliver enhanced process reliability and are up to the job.

Increased pressure on manufacturers to produce ever more complex and accurate components in large volumes makes the choice of machine tool critical. To meet these demands GF Machining solutions has improved the already high accuracy of its wire EDM machines by eliminating pitch and positional errors through a regime of inspection and testing that leaves nothing to chance.

The results of such testing procedures are impressive:

• The CUT 1000 X and CUT 1000 X OilTech machines deliver pitch accuracy of ±1.0 μm over 200 mm by 140 mm, and a M-shape form accuracy of ±1.0 μm.

• The CUT 2000 X, CUT 2000 X OilTech, and CUT 3000 X  machines deliver pitch accuracy of ±1.5 μm over 340 mm by 240 mm (460 mm by 320 mm for the CUT 3000 X size), and form accuracy of ±1.5 μm.

Right from the start

Expert geometrical and erosion inspections ensure the results that manufacturers and their customers expect.

Prior to any installation, GF Machining Solutions’ engineers machine a large number of holes in a plate and then use a high-precision coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to measure the position of each hole’s centre. The CMM results are then reloaded into the computer numerical control (CNC) of the X-series machine. This calibration of the machine’s CNC guarantees perfect pitch and positional accuracy from the outset.

This means that manufacturers can confidently machine high-precision stamping tools and multi-cavity moulds for the electronics and IT sectors (for example) as well as micro-components used in the science and medical devices industries.

As well as the inspection, calibration and testing the X-type machines are equipped with a range of features all designed to ensure the highest accuracy in micro-machining applications. These include:

  • high-precision axes
  • short measurement loops
  • dual measurement systems on all axes
  • separation of heat sources to ensure accuracy/elimination of thermal drift
  • submerged working area

Highest productivity

In addition, the X type machines offer manufacturers a wide range of productivity- and quality-enhancing game-changers:

• Exclusive Automatic Wire Changer (AWC) - two-wire spool allows the use of larger diameter wire or premium wires for the main cut and then the automatic switch to smaller diameter wire for the finishing cut. This results in faster cutting speeds and cycle times. Productivity is further boosted by fast and reliable wire threading as well as straightforward and dependable wire disposal via the integrated wire chopper.

• Versatility and flexibility, such as the ability to insert urgent  and priority machining jobs into manufacturers’ production schedules can be achieved by using the machines’ onboard Job Management System.

• Perfect wire threading, irrespective of the machining conditions, are achieved with the machines’  THREADING EXPERT facility, a retractable device driving the wire from the upper guide to the start hole.

• Absolute quality results are achieved with the machines’ Integrated Vision Unit (IVU Advance). With an embedded charge-coupled device (CCD) camera linked to a backlight - installed on the lower arm of the machine - IVU Advance allows pre-setting, in-process measurement, and scanning of machined contours to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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