GF Machining Solutions’ system 3R TRANSFORMER is a modular automation solution that delivers increased productivity and ensures manufacturing flexibility.

Mar 18, 2015 4:25 PM

GF Machining Solutions’ system 3R TRANSFORMER – an automated robot solution - is designed to grow with manufacturers’ changing needs and requirements, and as such delivers a greater return on their investment.

automation transformerTransforming productivity: Automation can be modularised using system 3R’s Transformer. Initially this could involve 1 transformer robot servicing one or two machines. At the other end of the spectrum a fully-integrated manufacturing cell comprising different machines and technologies can be designed.

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to system 3R’s scalable TRANSFORMER – an inherently versatile automation solution available from GF Machining Solutions.

The TRANSFORMER solution allows manufacturers to automate one or two machines initially but its design means that extra machines and additional magazine capacity can be added later on down the line to increase the size, scope and scale of an automated manufacturing cell.

The machines in a TRANSFORMER cell can be of the same make and type, or the cell can just as easily incorporate different machining technologies...from different manufacturers.

An open architecture is one of the system’s clear advantages.

Manufacturers need only to select the machine or machines that best meet their specific manufacturing requirements and the custom-configured TRANSFORMER takes care of the rest.

The TRANSFORMER system handles work-pieces and/or electrodes that are mounted on pallets (i.e. based on a reference system, more commonly known as tooling). System 3R offers a wide range of tooling systems that can be used for work-piece palletisation, and also provides a range of chuck adaptors that can handle different systems in the same automation cell.

To make the TRANSFORMER system even more flexible there are a number of additional in-process accessories that can be integrated into a cell. These include:

  • Multiple loading stations that can be used without any stops in production,
  • Draining stations for emptying work-piece cavities after machining, 
  • Washing machines for cleaning work-pieces,
  • Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for pre-setting and/or parts’ inspection.

The TRANSFORMER also offers user-friendly cell management software to guarantee consistency, conformity and repeatability. All production data is entered in a structured method or imported through a data exchange interface compatible with major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

The system 3R Cell Manager handles everything in the cell, from the automatic loading of parts into the machines through to recording the machining time of each job.

The core of the system is an efficient database that uses chip identification of the pallets to ensure that the correct data is being used for the correct parts.

Customers can count on the system 3R TRANSFORMER to stay ahead of the competition and transform their productivity, performance and profitability.

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