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Mar 9, 2017 1:41 PM

New range of Laser Texturing machines from GF Machining Solutions.

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GF Machining Solutions has expanded its line of laser texturing machines with the introduction of its compact Laser P 400 three-axis and Laser P 400U five-axis models.

The machines have been designed to provide manufacturers with straightforward and repeatable laser engraving and texturing of small, often complex parts, such as cutting tools, small inserts and micro-machined components.

The Laser P 400 machine accommodates workpieces up to 600mm × 400mm × 250mm, while the P 400U (5-axis) accommodates workpieces with a maximum diameter and height of 120mm. The modular design of the machines features a dual-laser head that includes both a ytterbium pulsed (nanosecond) fibre laser and a ultra-short femtosecond pulsed laser.

This allows texturing and engraving of a surface with a single setup, and extends the range of materials that can be machined - steel, aluminium, carbide, brass, copper, ceramic etc. With the femtosecond laser glass, sapphire and polymers can also be engraved.

The machines are automation-ready to allow for unattended and lights-out operations…thereby further increasing their versatility and productivity potential,  and can be equipped with a System 3R pallet changer to further boost process efficiency and manufacturing flexibility.

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Says Martin Spencer, Managing Director, GF Machining Solutions UK:

“The Laser 400 series of machines provide manufacturers with a fully-digitised process that makes it easy to texture, mark, engrave and add functional textures to parts, moulds, mould inserts etc.

“The incorporation of Femtosecond laser technology opens up new possibilities for creating aesthetic nano textures that include ‘ripple’ effects, as well as enabling burr free engravings and textures to be produced.

“Achieving high accuracy and high quality textures in one set-up, and without the need for, or expense associated with, post-treatment operations like de-burring - provides manufacturers with a high-productivity and cost-efficient solution.”

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