Table topping 5-axis performance!

Nov 30, 2015 5:43 PM

New 3 + 2 and full simultaneous 5-axis machining centres are introduced by GF Machining Solutions.

Mikron HEM 700U WPC_openThe HEM 700U shown with a 30 position ATC.

GF Machining Solutions, the EDM, Milling and Laser Ablation machine tool specialist and automation and tooling system solutions’ provider has added a new, compact and versatile range of 5-axis machining centres to its product line-up.

The HEM 700U machines available as either 3 + 2 or full 5-axis simultaneous models have X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 700mm x 600mm x 500mm respectively with all axes featuring stable linear guides with high load bearing capacity for improved and reliable performance.

The machines, aimed at the aerospace, automotive, medical and general precision component manufacturing sectors, provides users with high-performance, high-value 5-axis machining capability (3 + 2 and/or 5-axis simultaneous), and are suitable for machining prototypes and one-offs through to small-to-medium batch production.

The HEM 700U machines are equipped with a powerful 20kW 12,000rpm ISO/BT 40 inline spindles (36kW 60,000 rpm/HSK – A63 motor spindle option), and rigidly-designed and supported spindle housings enable the machines to be used for demanding milling and drilling operations and applications. A closed internal cooling circuit stabilises spindle temperature and reduces temperature-related drift.

The machines feature a 30-position drum-type ATC that boasts a two-second chip-to-chip changeover time which helps improve productivity. (The machines can also be supplied with a 60-position chain-type tool changer if required).

The machines’ 5-axis capabilities are delivered by a rigidly-designed and constructed 630mm diameter rotary/tilting trunnion-supported table delivering +65/-110° B-axis tilt and n x 360° C-axis rotation.

Depending on customer requirements HEM 700U machines can be supplied with a fixed table or with 5- or 7- station automatic pallet change capability and their productivity potential can also be increased with the integration of external robot/work-handling systems.

The machines can be equipped with either the Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI FS or Fanuc 0i-MD control and are supplied with a range of SMART technology modules (e.g. Remote Notification System: Intelligent Thermal Control etc.), for improved performance, reliability and efficiency.

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