Automation made easy: System 3R’s WorkPal 1 pallet changer takes the stage on GF Machining Solutions’ EMO Hannover 2017 stand

Sep 19, 2017 3:17 PM

Changing pallets for milling, wire-cutting electrical discharge machines (WEDM) EDM, laser and grinding machines is easy with GF Machining Solutions’ System 3R WorkPal 1 (WP1). This extremely compact pallet changing solution will be shown with GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 X WEDM machine in Hall 27, Stand B24, at EMO Hannover 2017, September 18–23, in Hannover, Germany.

“Automation made easy” is the watchword for the System 3R WP1, which is designed for automating changing pallets in chucks on milling, WEDM, EDM, laser and grinding machines.

The System 3R WP1 increases manufacturers’ capacity and productivity—no costly machine modifications required—to guarantee superb return on investment. Maximum access to the magazine is provided by this solution’s easy-to-operate door, greatly facilitating loading and unloading of pallets.

The WP1 can be used with a variety of Tooling systems from System 3R or from others: Macro 54 and 70 (24 or 60 positions); Macro with chip guard (24 positions); GPS 70 (24 or 60 positions); GPS 120 (20 positions); Macro Ø116 (20 positions); MacroMagnum (12 positions); GPS 240 (seven positions); and Dynafix (five positions). For WEDM, System 3R Macro (12 positions), or MacroTwin (four positions) table chucks are compatible with the System 3R WP1. For WEDM with B axis, the Macro 54 and Macro 70 (12, 24 or 40 positions) can be used. WP1 accommodates workpieces weighing up to 50 kg.

Adding even greater autonomy is System 3R’s WorkShopManager (WSM) user-friendly cell management software. With System 3R WSM, necessary data is entered quickly and in a structured manner, and the machine operator can always get a quick, precise overview of the entire process chain. Because the order of machining priority can be changed at any time, users’ flexibility is increased. Furthermore, WSM allows simpler, safer preparation of automated cells; the risk of human error is minimized and process security is extended.

A wide array of accessories is available to support the System 3R WP1, including built-in lighting, an integrated drying station with or without thermostat, an identification system with or without automatic scanning, cell personal computer (PC) with System 3R WorkShopManager software, an air supply to the table chuck built into the pallet changing arm, a drying station, chip guards for Macro pallets, and code carriers.

media-release-1GF Machining Solutions’ System 3R WorkPal 1 (WP1) automates pallet changing in chucks on milling, WEDM, EDM, laser and grinding machines. It will be shown with GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 X WEDM solution at EMO Hannover 2017.

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