Productivity and flexibility: GF Machining Solutions’ Mikron MILL E 500 U five-axis, high-efficiency Milling solution to be in EMO spotlight

Sep 19, 2017 12:05 PM

Efficient production and fast return on investment reach a new level with the MILL E 500 U and its larger counterpart, the Mikron MILL E 700 U, the latest five-axis, high-efficiency Milling solutions from GF Machining Solutions. Manufacturers of small to medium batches of parts can experience first-hand how the Mikron MILL E 500 U delivers the best price/performance ratio essential to achieving competitive cost per part at this GF Division’s booth (Hall 27, Stand B24) at EMO Hannover 2017, September 18–23, in Hannover, Germany.

Manufacturers benefit from additional working hours at lowest cost, thanks to the Mikron MILL E machines’ integrated Automation. Indeed, these solutions allow users to leverage an additional unmanned shift. By ramping up productivity and setting the stage for lowest operational costs, the machines provide the most competitive cost per part. Moreover, the integrated Automation can be substituted by larger Automation systems, with GF Machining Solutions as the sole partner, thanks to its System 3R Tooling, Automation and software competencies. At EMO Hannover 2017, the Mikron MILL E 500 U will be shown in combination with the WPC 10 pallet changer. This pallet magazine has a generously dimensioned door allowing pallet access for loading light parts by hand and heavy parts by crane to take manufacturers’ productivity to new levels while reducing their costs.

Scaling up customers’ businesses

Parts producers can scale up their businesses by increasing up their capacity and capabilities, too. The Mikron MILL E range, the successor to the Mikron HEM U range, offers greater machining capacity and better machining performance on a more robust machine base. With their large swivel range of -120 degrees to 60 degrees and their ability to load heavy parts up to 450 kg onto the tilting swiveling table, the Mikron MILL E 500 U and Mikron MILL E 700 U allow users to manufacture a wider range of parts and tools than any other machine on the market today. The machines are based on a stiff, stable C-frame construction made out of cast iron. Quality of parts produced and reliable operations are ensured by the solutions’ large guideways, double side-supported rotary table and an optimum chip removal rate. The Mikron MILL E range is the right solution for job shops and part producers facing the many different requirements of the automotive, energy and power generation and general mechanics industries.

Secure processes, reduced costs

Beyond increasing productivity, ensuring process stability and reducing operational costs is key. That’s why the Mikron MILL E range focuses on increasing quality on parts and enhancing tool life span, thanks to a well-supported, solid Step-Tec Spindle head as well as a rigid, flexible rotary table. The power of the 20,000 rpm Spindle in combination with the state-of-the-art machine design allows rough Milling and drilling operations. In addition, the Mikron MILL E range’s 20 percent higher chip removal rate compared to previous generation reduces manufacturing costs by 15 percent.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Every company strives to plan its machine downtime and keep unplanned maintenance close to zero while delivering high quality parts right on time. To help manufacturers avoid the problems associated with machine downtime, the Mikron MILL E range uses high-quality, built-in components, and GF Machining Solutions Customer Services offers regular maintenance that can be planned. Maximum uptime is further ensured by GF Machining Solutions’ established, high-quality process management and intensive testing throughout the machine assembly process.

MILL-E-500-UGF Machining Solutions’ highly productive and flexible MILL E 500 U and MILL E 700 U five-axis, high-efficiency Milling solutions are the answer for manufacturers looking for the best price/performance ratio essential to achieving competitive cost per part in the production of small to medium batches of parts.

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