The power of Microlution’s new ML-5 ultrafast Laser micromachining platform to be showcased by GF Machining Solutions at EMO Hannover 2017

Sep 19, 2017 11:43 AM

As micro parts become ever smaller and more complex, traditional computer numerical control (CNC) machining equipment has reached the limits of its capabilities. GF Machining Solutions’ Microlution brand pushes micromachining beyond traditional CNC machining technology to make micron-scale machining economically and technically feasible with its new ML-5 five-axis ultrafast Laser platform. The GF Division’s booth (Hall 27, Stand B24) is the place to discover this solution at EMO Hannover 2017, September 18–23, in Hannover, Germany.

Reduced cycle times and tooling costs and new levels of precision are the direct, success-triggering benefits of Microlution’s compact, high-performance, ultrafast ML-5 Laser platform. A perfect example of the performance Microlution brings to manufacturers, the Microlution ML-5 drills, mills and cuts with no heat-affected zone and produces precision parts in seconds.

Unsurpassed accuracy, speed and quality

Like all Microlution platforms, the Microlution ML-5 brings together high acceleration, exceptional stability, precise part handling, and motion control with integrated part characterization and measurement to deliver ultraprecise machining with unsurpassed accuracy, speed and quality. From more efficient automotive fuel injectors and complex, micro precision watch parts to highly precise medical catheter tips and micro-crack-free holes for mobile devices’ hardened glass displays, the Microlution ML-5 brings new designs and products to life.

With ±1 µm positional accuracy and ±0.5 µm repeatability, the platform is available in Laser and Laser/mechanical configurations, offers up to five axes of motion, and supports multiple Laser types. It has a precision ground natural granite base; high-precision linear motors; Heidenhain glass scale encoders; granite-mounted, ironless rails; a Laser tool sensor; in-line workpiece touch probe; and a confocal Laser probe.

Microlution was established in 2005 and today offers a full line of compact micromachining platforms including mechanical milling and turning solutions and femtosecond Laser technology. Manufacturers achieve faster, more accurate and higher quality micromachining results with Microlution’s solutions to reduce cycle times, decrease tooling costs and achieve new levels of precision.

machine-microsolutionMicrolution’s five-axis ML-5 ultrafast Laser micromachining platform drills, mills and cuts with no heat-affected zone and delivers precision parts in seconds.

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