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Aug 25, 2017 3:37 PM

GF Machining Solutions secures high value machine tool order from leading OEM energy innovation specialist - Nemein Ltd.

GF Nemein 3Nemeins’ CEO Suzannah Bourne (right), Lawrence Till, Nemein’s Technical Sales Director (centre) and GF Machining Solutions’ Area Sales Manager, Roger Mullard (left).

GF Machining Solutions (GFMS) has announced that it has won an order to supply three of its advanced, high-performance CNC machine tools (an AgieCharmilles FORM 300 EDM die-sink machine, an AgieCharmilles CUT E600 wire EDM machine and a Mikron HEM 700U 5-axis machining centre), to Bridgend-based Nemein Ltd.

The machines will be delivered and installed at Nemein's 11,000sq ft facility in Pyle, Bridgend later this year via a staged process (one machine per month).

All three machines will be used, in the first instance, to manufacture a range of complex, innovative and high-precision components and assemblies for Nemein’s latest ‘ground-breaking’ technology…  essentially self-powered tools using proprietary generators to power a range of downhole exploration and extraction processes (i.e. measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and logging-while-drilling (LWD), borehole surveying etc’, for the global Oil and Gas downhole sector.

These tools, which incorporate energy harvesting technology from heat and vibration, can effectively eliminate the sector’s (over) reliance on ‘potentially’ unreliable and unsafe primary Lithium batteries whilst removing run time limitations and increasing temperature ratings…and, as such, represent a major technological breakthrough and a world-first Sustainable energy downhole.

Commenting on placing the three machine tool order with GF Machining Solutions, Nemeins’ CEO Suzannah Bourne commented:

“To (better) control our manufacturing processes we made the decision to develop and strengthen in our in-house machining capacity and capabilities by investing in high-performance machine tools.

“We undertook a comprehensive research programme to identify and select the machine tools we required, and were particularly impressed, not only with GF Machining Solutions’ technologies…but also by their customer-focused and partnership-based business approach.

“These are exciting times for Nemein and this investment in the machine tools will be instrumental in helping us achieve our ambitious business growth and expansion objectives.”

The importance of the order was also acknowledged by GF Machining Solutions’ Area Sales Manager, Roger Mullard who said:

“Nemein is a company that’s going places. Nemein’s innovation, and engineering and technical prowess are highly regarded and respected worldwide, and we are delighted to be working in partnership with a company with such impressive credentials.”

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