Mikron MILL S 800

Engineered and built in Switzerland, GF Machining solutions’ range of high-speed Milling centers boasts the essential structural design, high-speed spindles, high feed rates, axis mechanism and best-in-class acceleration for machining complex three-dimensional surfaces across a wide range of applications.

Universal approach to mold-making and production

Milling - High Speed Machine - HSM 800 LP

The machines from the Mikron MILL S series are real high performance machining centers. For optimal absorption of machining and dynamically generated mass energy, the portal design is realized with a polymer concrete base supporting weight optimized and highly stiff cast iron sliding carriages. All axes are powered by direct drives to enable fully simultaneous high-speed machining. The linear axes are supported by linear-roller-guide ways. The result is outstanding product quality and short processing times.

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Key Points

  • 5-Axis pionneer with best configuration for Mold and Die
  • Fastest HSM solution on the market
  • Powerful and user-friendly smart machine module
  • Best ergonomics and integrated Automation
  • Automated Machine Calibration (AMC) for long-term precision


Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z
800 x 600 x 500mm
31.496 x 23.622 x 19.685 in
Working spindle (40% ED, S6)
Torque 40% ED
36 000 (HSK-E50)rpm
36 000 (HSK-E50) rpm
Feed rate
Rapid traverse (X, Y)
60m / min
60 m / min
Direct drive table
Clamping surface
900 x 600 (35.43 x 23.62) / 1000 (2204mm
1.3953 x 23.622 (1.395 x 0.93) / 39.37 (86.771 in
Pallet size
600/800 x 600 (23.62/31.49 x 23.62) / 4pcs./mm/mm
600/800 x 600 (23.62/31.49 x 23.62) / 4 pcs./mm/mm
Max. load
1763.68 lb
Control unit
iTNC 530
iTNC 530



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