Patented: The Original OSS

The intelligent Operator Support System optimises the machining process according to the specifications of the workpiece. The target variables – speed, accuracy and surface quality – as well as the workpiece weight and the complexity of the machining application can be selectively defined and modified at any time via an intuitive user interface.

Setting priorities

The user can define the machine settings via the OSS, depending on the operation. He can choose from 12 predefined settings or extend them as desired.

Priority: Time

Only the time is of interest when roughing. If the operator selects the time as the highest priority, then OSS extends the tolerance band. In addition to this, the control system adapts the speed profile to the geometry that is to be processed.

Priority: Surface quality

In order to maintain the best possible surface quality despite poor NC program quality, the tolerance band is enlarged and the transitions are smoothed

Priority: Accuracy

If the workpiece demands extremely high precision, the tolerance band selected is narrower, in order to achieve the required accuracy. The control system is configured in such a way that the best possible geometrical accuracy is guaranteed.

User-defined setting

dditional settings can be saved in a library and can then be used again at any time. Several positions can be selected between the extremes (surface quality, accuracy, time).

Productivity & Precision

Your benefit

  • The intelligent system sets the dynamic behaviour of the machine exactly according to the workpiece requirements
  • Shorter machining times
  • Better surface quality
  • Intuitive handling of complex settings
  • Reduced complexity when setting up a workpiece


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